132nd International May Day Statement

Today, it marks the international May Day, the day of the international working class who created the
modern society by their invaluable labor. First of all we would like to extend our congratulation to the
working class of the world.

Only by leading the sacrificing revolt against capitalist plunders that gorged all production of working
class by using capitalist state force, the working class had attained today's opportunity to live as human
being. Still, the life of the workers in all around the world, and especially in the country like Nepal, is
struggling under the piles of basic needs as food, shelter, education, occupation. The monopolist corporate
capitalism and comprador capitalism has been exploiting the labor unlimitedly.

For a developed life, labor and revolt are the compulsion and right of the working class. The working
class is not the tools for the production, but the source of prosperity. To fulfill the responsibility of
changing life and society, the workers must play an advance role to rebel against unjust together with the
work and creation of new society.

Nepal is passing through the historical transformation. Existing comprador capitalism and parliamentary
system has practically proved to be unsuccessful, but to avoid this crisis the Nepalese state has been
carrying many conspiracies under the guidance of imperialism. The broad workers and peasant of Nepal
must understand that the necessity is complete change and Scientific Socialism. To fulfill this historical
opportunity, our Party has put forward Political Summation Convention of the all progressive, leftist,
patriotic, progressive-democratic and communists, Progressive Coalition Government, Scientific
Socialism to supersede comprador capitalist class through referendum.

The crisis of the capitalist system in the world over proves that for the advance life of the human being,
there is no alternative than that of Scientific Socialism. The situation is getting matured in Nepal. All the
workers, peasant and working class come forward! Lets march forward united on the footsteps of our
revolutionary ancestors, to bear this historical burden changing the nation. No power will be able to
prevent the working class from this mission.

1 May 2021 

General Secretary
Communist Party of Nepal.