Kathmandu: The Communist Party of Nepal has held a massive public protest  meeting in Kathmandu against the treacherous American project MCC. Addressing the gathering, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal Biplav said that storm of agitation would be created in Nepal if the MCC has passed.

      Communist Party of Nepal organizes open forum against MCC in Kathmandu . Addressing the meeting, CPN General Secretary Biplav said that the whole country has agitating for the abolition of MCC as it has against the Nepalese people and the country.

     General Secretary Biplav, who has the chief speaker of the protest rally said that if he tried to violate the rights of the Nepalese people, he would create a storm of agitation against a handful of compradors. He said that he has ready to establish the people's system and pay any price against the puppet government. Nepalese brokers are sucking the blood-sweat of the people. 

  Biplav said that those who were abusing the power of the country had curbed the people's movement by banning their party which was advancing the revolutionary movement. He also said that his party had faced extreme repression, false accusations and torture while advancing the national independence movement. He said that his party which believed in and relied on the power of the people would not hesitate to pay any price for national independence. General Secretary Biplav made it clear that the cameras of the people and journalists would be stronger than guns.

    Stating that the MCC agreement has forcibly imposed in Nepal, Biplav said that it should be abrogated immediately as it is against the interest of the country and the people. He said that he would continuously on the movement against the MCC until and unless the MCC is not cancelled . He said MCC is against the sovereignty and interests of Nepal. MCC is against the Nepalese  people. An agreement above the law will turn the country being like Afghanistan and Syria. In order to establish a system where the people are sovereign, the people should be allowed to decide the system.

    General secretary  Biplav said that every citizen who loves the country must agitate against MCC. He said, "We will not allow MCC to be imposed on the Nepalese people at any cost."

    Biplav said , "We have sincerely implemented the three-point agreement with the government, but the state has not." Our friends have not released yet . The government has suppressed the leaders, activists and youths who have worried about the future of the country. If the government takes us to jail and police custody while protesting against the rulers then we will create a storm of a massive movement.

    Addressing the gathering, Prakanda, spokeperson of  Communist Party of Nepal  said that the MCC has not in the interest of the nation and the people and should be defeated by the Nepalese people.

    "American imperialism wants to widespread the regime all over world but Nepalese are conscious . We should not dare to try to deceive the Nepalese people, ”said Prakand. He said that the Nepalese puppet rulers who acted against the independence of the country for the sake of their power and position would be destroyed into ashes and the traitors would be blown away by the storm of unified people's revolution.

    Prakanda urged all to come to the referendum  in order to give the Nepalese people the right to choose the system. He also urged all forces to participate in the national defense movement. Stating that the country will be further ruined if parliamentary elections were held, he said that this election was not justified.

    Addressing the gathering, General Secretary CPN(ML), CP Mainali said that those who passed the MCC and signed the agreement were blindsided. He said that the US was trying to implement its military project in Nepal through MCC. It is against the peace, independence and prosperity of Nepal. He said that unwanted external influences are increasing in Nepal from time to time.

    Addressing the gathering, CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) senior leader CP Gajurel said that there should be unity among all the revolutionary and leftist parties to move the revolutionary movement forward in the country . He said that America came to Nepal through MCC to plunder the country's natural resources and not for development, progress and prosperous . Stating that US came to Nepal with the objective of making Nepal like the Afghanistan and encircling China. He also said that Nepal would turn into a battlefield if the MCC has passed.

    Similarly, CPN(Maoist Centre) Socialist, Chairman Karnajit Budhathoki (Shushil) said that all the revolutionary and patriotic forces should be unite and rise above party politics to save the country. He also said that  the three-point agreement reached between the government and the Communist Party of Nepal should be implemented as soon as possible.

  Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal, Rishi Kattel said that  the MCC project is not in the interest of the country and the Nepalese people. It has a US military strategy under the IPS .

  Similarly, the Scientific Socialist Communist Party , Chairman, Vishwabhakta Dulal (Aahuti) said that  the movement against comprador capitalism in Nepal will continue till the end of the comprador capitalist system and the establishment of scientific socialism. He also said that it has important for the patriotic revolutionary forces to understand that the country should not be turned into a playground for foreigners.

    Similarly, IT Army Party Chairman , Amar Shah said that , the youth of Nepal should carry out socialist revolution to establish their own system of the people and to save the country from treasonous agreement. He said that  all the conscious citizens should be united to create a paradigm of movement.

    Similarly, Dr Surendra Bhandari chairman of Hami Nepali Hamro Nepal Party said that MCC supporters are traitors. He also said that a joint movement should be launched to reject MCC project from the country. Adding that it would be defeated if all the Nepalese people united and agitated