Communist Party of Nepal , General Secretary Netra Bikram Chand 'Biplav' has declared the leader of the world communist movement and Peruvian Communist Party Chairman Abimael Guzman' Gonzalo' a great martyr and said that the great flag of communism raised by Gonzalo will continue to wave till the liberation of mankind.

Issuing a tribute statement after Gonzalo's death, General Secretary Biplav said, "Comrade Gonzalo has been martyred while fighting against the fascist capitalist regime. Although the demise of the honest leader of the proletariat has saddened us revolutionary communists all over the world, it has made us proud of his commitment and determination towards scientific socialism / communism. On behalf of the Communist Party of Nepal, the Nepalese people, we pay our deepest respects to Comrade Gonzalo. We express our condolences to the leaders, activists and working people of the Peruvian Communist Party who are mourning on the demise of their beloved leader and comrade.

"Comrade Gonzalo, President of the Communist Party of Peru and Leader of the World Communist Movement, died tragically on September 11,

We also express our hatred and indignation at the murderous Peruvian government for imprisoning leaders and warriors dedicated to the highest civilization of mankind for life."

"Comrade Gonzalo raised the great flag of the People's War in Peru in the 1980s," says the statement. 'He imparted new power and consciousness not only to the reactionary regime in Peru but also to the revolutionary movement, which was seen as defensive in the world. In a very short period of time, he managed to control most of the country by overthrowing the reactionary regime and building the power of the people.

He was the one who broke the confusion in the world-communist movement and synthesized Marxism-Leninism as another height of development. The synthesis of Maoism and Peru's success-oriented people's war greatly inspired and helped the revolutionaries of the world to unite and carry out the revolution. Nepali revolutionaries were also given energy to enter the people's war. '

The statement has said, "The development, expansion and impact of the People's War on the world has not only shaken Peru's power, but also the American imperialism." They jointly emphasized repression and the arrest of the leadership. Sadly, Comrade Gonzalo arrived in Lima on September 12, 1992, and was arrested by the Fujimori government. His arrest shocked revolutionaries around the world. '

"Despite many demands and struggles, the fascist government of Peru has sentenced Comrade Gonzalo to life in prison," Biplav said in a statement. Many misleading news were spread about him but he continued to fight for the great human civilization, scientific socialism-communism. He declared from the jail, from the court – 'Long live Scientific Socialism'

 Expressing his commitment to the revolution, Biplav concluded by saying, "We revolutionaries have protested around the world against his arrest. We raised our voices for his release. Comrade Gonzalo has died at the age of 86 due to 30 years of imprisonment, old age and various health problems. Reactionaries, capitalists, imperialists, comprador capitalists can do a lot of propaganda, but we revolutionaries know very well that revolution is a journey full of pride and challenges.

Man's material life is secondary to his ideological and political ideals. A leader who wants to change the world should not put material life and material happiness above the great ideal. Whoever dares to face all the challenges with pride, can throw away today's comprador capitalism.

In the end, we, the Nepali revolutionaries, must learn from Comrade Gonzalo in today's complex and critical and potential national politics and move forward resolutely to overthrow the puppet capitalist power and establish scientific socialism in its place. We must be sure that the Nepali people want change. Brokers have sought alternatives to capitalist power and parliamentary system. If we move forward fearlessly, no one will be able to stop the victory of the Nepali people.