Our Party is badly perturbed by the news we come to learn that Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist) leader and once General Secretary of the Party, Ajith Rupasinghe, comrade Surendra passed away on 3 April 2017. He was born in 1943. Comrade Surendra had assumed the leadership of the Ceylon Communist Party as the General Secretary after the death of Comrade N. Sanmugathasan . Later on, he named the party Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist).

Comrade Surendra had supported the people’s war in Nepal and that support remained intact until the then leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) abandoned the revolutionary line. Surendra had joined the Communist Movement while studying in the USA and became a revolutionary activist there. He always stood firm in the side of the revolutionary line in the international communist movement.

Ceylon Communist Party had been one of the participant party of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement RIM. As a participant party of the Maoist regional organization CCOMPOSA (Coordination Committee of the Maoist Parties and Organisation), Comrade Surendra had participated in this organization. He tried to unify the Maoist forces in Sri Lanka several time which had undergone splits among small groupings. His Party had worked in the areas of the poor people in the tea garden of the hilly area of Ceylon. Comrade Surendra was an outstanding leader came out of the Singhala nationality to support the Tamil people and demanded the right of self-determination of the Tamil nationality. We express deep condolence on the death of Comrade Surendra, we express our solidarity to the Maoist of Sri Lanka.


International Bureau