To the Rt. Honorable Prime Minister of India
HE Narendra Modi
His Excellency the Ambassador of India to Nepal
Lainchaur Kathmandu, Nepal

Your Excellency, We are attracted by the political movement and conflict going on for some times in Darjeeling demanding the national and lingual right of the Indian people there, and we are worried by the situation that the State Government of West Bengal is mercilessly suppressing those people even unleashing the army. The killing of the Nepali Speaking Indian people in that region is saddening everyone in world and us. Furthermore, we are perturbed by the military oppression and killing of the Nepali speaking Indian people for the reason that they are demanding protection of their language and the right of Gorkha nationality. We believe that this act of the Indian government is a severe human right violation. 

We understand that there is a legitimate social sentiment among the people in that region caused by the historical reality that all treaties signed by the British India with other countries till then were abrogated while they quit. On top of that the article 8 of the 1950 peace and friendly treaty between Nepal and India “…cancels all previous Treaties, agreements, and engagements entered into on behalf of India between the British Government and the Government of Nepal ..” These provision and sentiments give a leverage to raise conflict time and again between the Indian people of that region and the government of India unless the right of self-determination is guaranteed for every people. We believe that the government of India accepts the international provisions and principles in term of securing the interest of all nationalities within its territory. In this case the Indian people in Darjeeling area have also their right to secure their national interest and they should have their right to have self determination to choose their own destiny.  Alike all nationalities in India, the people of that region are demanding their right for the security of their nationality, language and culture and in this case, there should be no reason for the government of West Bengal to use military force to the level of killing people. 
Your Excellency, Therefore we urge to the government of India stop such suppression for the reason that they speak Nepali language and demand their national interest. ………………………………………….. Dharmendra Bastola ‘Kanchan’
International Bureau
Communist Party of Nepal