Because of the anti-people transaction and conspiracy of reactionaries, imperialists, surrenderists and the liquidationists, the peace process failed. Against the interest, main aim and the sentiment of Nepalese people and aim of the great people’s war, they tried to lay the comprador capitalist parliament system upon through now ongoing election of a representative assembly and provincial assembly that completed on November 26th and December 07th which is protested by our party and repressed workers forcefully. In the leading role of our party, it has interfered effectively and successfully. After this protesting campaigns the process Nepali revolution, riot and change has interred into a new stage. Now the dream of the reactionaries, imperialists, and surrenderists to lay bourgeoisie parliamentary democracy upon Nepalese people has been completely destroyed. Therefore, from the side of our party I want to thank all our party members and people who accepted our requests and put hand to hand with us in time, I again want to thank all elites, political analysts, law analysts, humanitarians, journalists, officials, international distinguished persons who took our movement seriously and helped as possible.  I want to pay warm salute and thank to our party PBM comrade Beerjung Chanda, CCM comrade Suman and all other PMs who are arrested, sentenced to custody and tortured by the government without any reason while working in the field in the direction of our party. I want to appeal the government to release them all without any question and wish soon recovery of health of those who are injured in this movement. From the very beginning of the year 2069 our prestigious party NCP is struggling against NC, NCP(UML) and the coalition, a kind of immoral, irresponsible and person-centered tie among Baburam-Prachanda and Indian imperialism with which they decided to eliminate the achievements of people’s war and solve people’s liberation army and when they proclaimed the second CA election we decided to reject it saying as it’s a mean of anti-revolution. In place of their constitution of the reactionary parliamentary system, we announced a constitution of People’s Republic Nepal and people’s representative assembly and people’s council as well. 
Now, there is a stage of two world visions, two states and two governments in Nepal new and old, the old one will be replaced by the new one as soon as possible. When we were in the movement of discarding this so-called election there emerged some illusions and prejudice in and out of the country. But we are very clear that our movement is for complete democracy and franchise. Some leaders of the left and the right front are insulting and some of the media of public correspondence are provoking the Government to suppress as saying “unknown group’s bomb attack”. The hidden intention of it is to blame people’s war as a crime. These are our one of the open activities against regressive and comprador parliamentary system. Instead, they want to lay veil upon their anti-public and anti-national activities through the ruling possession. There is no substitution of scientific socialism through Aggregated people’s revolution in Nepal. So we will take a more powerful initiation to upheaval the revolution on a new stage in the future.
We will not leave the interest of change of Nepalese people to die on the road. we want to appeal the people to stand still with us till the time of our action against anti-public, anti-national corrupted comprador group of the nation. we know Mao’s saying that Failure is the mother of success. we experienced the unimaginable loss, … in Nepali revolution but we took a lesson from that and so we are determined to uphold the red flag of revolution. At last, we want to say, we are sure that the destruction will be of them but not of us.
With Red salute:  Biplov