-Dharmendra Bastola ‘Kanchan’, Standing Committee Member, Communist Party of Nepal

Communist revolution cannot be realized simply with a wishful desire, it should meet theoretical and philosophical clarity, arduous line struggle and a vigorous class struggle. The simple desire for communist revolution is basically akin to utopianism. Socialist desire attached with theoretical or philosophical clarity, line struggle, and class struggle is akin to revolutionary. Any revolution that lacks to meet these fundamental qualities ultimately dwindles to liquidation, tailism and finally revisionism. History of class struggle teaches us critically that any movement desired to meet revolution or any class struggle sans de clarity in ideology or philosophy and politics ultimately fall into the cesspool of revisionism. This is what we have seen and experienced within the revolutionary desire and spirit in the world and so in Nepal.

In order to make revolution one should certainly need to have zeal and enthusiasm and a vibrant desire for making the revolution. This is certainly the first point and a first necessary step needed to make the revolution. Anyone, either this is the person, or group of persons, or an organized force or a party, who does not have the desire to make the revolution, or a zeal and enthusiasm to act of overthrowing the old capitalist-imperialist system, revolution is not possible. If this kind of desire and enthusiasm is not equipped with theoretical and philosophical clarity that cannot move ahead in a full swing. This is the second point. The third point is the class struggle without which no society on earth can be transformed from capitalism to socialism. Thus in order to make the revolution, one party or organization should have a desire, ideological or philosophical clarity and class struggle together. This is the set of a complete body in order to make the revolution in society.

Now, while we are talking about the revolution we are talking about proletarian revolution or communist revolution. While we are talking about the desire for the revolution we are addressing the desire to establish scientific socialism and advance to communism. And while we are talking ideology we are talking proletarian ideology and while we are talking about the philosophy that is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is a science of truth. MLM is the science that grappled with all the contemporary ideologies based on wrong understanding and developed the methodology to find the truth of a whole. Marx developed dialectical materialism grappling with dialectics of Hegel and materialism of Feuerbach, for both were half-truth and ultimately meddled with idealism and untruth. In a simple term, we can say that Marx filtered dialecticism of idealism from Hegel and so did to the materialism of idealism from Feuerbach and developed dialectical materialism. Investigation and observation by scientists today on all front of nature with the conclusion of big bang theory and the black hole in the modern world proves the validity and truth of Marxism on space and time, necessity and freedom and, nature and society. Lenin further developed Marxism to the new height while applying in Russian revolution to Marxism-Leninism. Based on dialectical materialism the scientific methodology of observing the entire phenomenon, Lenin observed the dynamic role of capitalism and imperialism to which he said the highest stage of capitalism, with basic characteristics as centralized, parasitic and moribund. Mao had further crystallized the dialectical materialism on many aspects of philosophy, political economy, and scientific socialism. Mao’s contribution to philosophy as one divides into two, and negation of affirmation, identification of comprador capitalism on the dynamic of capitalism and leading a Great Cultural Revolution on Scientific Socialism gave rise to Maoism. Thus Mao developed Marxism-Leninism to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Attempts are being made from all around by the communist philosophers to develop this MLM to a new height in the course of understanding present society, the dynamic of capitalism and realizing the revolution in societies and leading it to communism. Hence, upholding, applying and developing MLM means embracing the science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in a complete manner, having a perspective of scientific socialist society in one country or many simultaneously through the hand in hand process of the proletarian internationalism, having the concept and act in line struggle and class struggle to transform the society. Thus, to establish and advance to communism what we can say without any hesitation that only he is communist who has a full desire to make revolution having fully equipped with the science of MLM and marching ahead with a vigorous line struggle to transform his revolutionary colleagues in general and class struggle in order to transform the society as a whole in particular.

In Nepal, we have a lot of people, standing individual or in a group or party with some or many of these qualities but with ample tendencies to isolate themselves from one or another and lacking of full and complete commitment to being a communist. There are some groups and individuals who have the desire to make revolution but they lack other qualities, there are some people who have the enthusiasm to engage in debate giving colour of line struggle but missing other qualifications, there are some people and organisations who prefer to accentuate over class struggle but undermine the ideological and philosophical clarity. These tendencies they bear put them as the ideological, political and organizational dwarf in front of the historical necessity of the communist to unify the revolutionary people and lead the revolutionary movement.

While I am writing about Nepalese situation, what are the crux matters we need to grapple with in order to lead the revolutionary movement today in the context of international communist movement in general and in the context of Nepalese revolutionary movement in particular? The first point is how to grasp MLM not as a dogma but as a living science for a guide to action. The second point is how should we understand the present objective situation of Nepal that is how should it be analyzed and exposed the dynamic nature of capitalism working in the realm of socio-economy in the particularities of Nepalese society? How should we understand or what is the characteristic and dynamic role of capitalism and imperialism in the context of the world today?

Some of our close friends, living aside Prachanda and Bhattarai company who have already betrayed the revolution, have also fallen into the pit of perplexity in relation to the questions of how to grasp the science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Grasping MLM or upholding this dialectical materialist science is deeply connected to apply and develop further. Developing at least to implement this science in a concrete reality in the context of the particular situation of one country in particular and contributing to either further development of bringing more crystal, grounding this science more perfectly in for the world revolution in general. Interesting part to mention here is that those friends who prefer to parrot revolution in theory deny the role of class struggle in practice. Among those friends, a lot of subjectivism and economism prevail over, and they go against MLM and revolutionary science, just as case happens on revisionist and reformist, the pessimist and economist and Nepalese boomist, as ballot prevails over revolutionary violence. It has been seen in Nepal as do seem in many societies including Nepal, while they have no such ideological political power to lead the kind of revolutionary movement or even to make any kind of agitation in the name of class struggle, they fall to criticise the struggle carried out by other friends on a random basis. Does their criticism justify as wrong to abrogate parliamentary struggle by Nepalese people in the call of our Party, Communist Party of Nepal, in a violent way while the reactionary state has betrayed the nation and people from establishing socialism a new kind of society free from all kind of exploitation and exercise the dictatorship of proletariat by violently overthrowing the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, and especially the dictatorship of the comprador capitalism in the particularities of Nepal? Furthermore, these people have argued that the struggle is mysterious and aimless and that is leading to anarchism. The comprador capitalist state of Nepal is nowhere in confusion about the class struggle as well as in the duty to protect the interest of the bourgeois system, but our close comrades, who have wishful idealism or utopianism feel a lot of confusions. Why do they close their eyes to notice the fact that CPN had openly called upon the people to reject any kind of election aimed at to institutionalize the reactionary parliamentary system? Does their allegation justify that CPN has not shown proletarian honesty in regards to taking responsibility for these political developments? Rather, time and again the facts reveal that our friends have fallen into the ideological and political defect, by which they have fallen into the mire of bourgeoisie legalism through which they try to fathom revolutionary movement just as a lawyer advocates before a judge.

What is the difference between science and dogma? Application of MLM is a scientific method and approach that leads the movement in the interest of the proletariat, in the interest of class struggle under the leadership of the proletariat and in the interest of dictatorship of the proletariat that definitely should meet the theoretical premises what Lenin taught us ‘extending the recognition of class struggle to the recognition of proletarian dictatorship’, and dogma is a pretention of MLM especially in the interest of petty handful people, no matter what purpose this is either to maintain revolutionary ego or to blackmail with the parliamentary parties or applying this theory without scientific method and approach which navigates the party and organisation to noose to disaster.

This method and approach have been seen in utilizing and boycott of bourgeoisie election by some parties, organizations and individuals, especially this election which is aimed at to institutionalize the parliamentary system in Nepal. No matter whether you participate the election in the name of revolutionary utilisation or boycott election for any causes either you are denied to access election symbol or denied to recon into the parliamentary system or you have the desire to overthrow this system and establish socialism or even scientific socialism, but if you have lost sight on the prime principle of theoretical, political and organisational factor of MLM this ultimately reduces to parliamentarism, dogmatism, economism, and boomism. In Nepal, parliamentary election, no matter whether it is utilisation or revolutionary utilisation, taking part in it is to participate in the process of institutionalise parliamentary cretinism that allows you to shout upon each other, to curse to each other just as dog bark over another dog freely, angrily and without any hesitation becomes the question of strategic boycott and not tactical utilisation as many people dogmatically prefer to cite Lenin and revolutionary utilisation of Duma. Of course, had these utilisations or alien boycott was accompanied with the ideological, political, organizational and logistical preparation to lead the class struggle to another height as Lenin did and advocated as tactical flexibility, this could be palpable in theory and practice. Contrary to that what we have seen is a stubborn defending of that scientific tactic of Lenin as immature dogma in the Nepalese politics. Just to recite what Lenin told and did and completely undermine the objective reality of ground, the character of parliament, the meaning and modus operandi it has, is alike to political naïve, or revolutionary wistfulness.

Hence CPN has made all clear, all means theoretical, political, and organizational, strategy tactic and method of applying this science, that revolution cannot be replicated from one country to another, the old strategy is no longer valid while it comes to the new situation. Thus CPN has unified people’s revolution in strategy, establishing of people’s governments in tactic and unifying the revolutionary people against the comprador capitalist forces and their agents in order to accomplish revolution.

Theory of unified people’s revolution is, in sum, the scientific method and approach that unifies universalities of MLM to particularities of one country or societies while applying into practice, keeping on eyes on the fact that no particularise are isolated of the universalities. Even then, the communist should have a method and approach to have a concrete analysis of the concrete condition in the political, military and organizational field that unified people’s revolution truly and correctly follows. Unified theory of people’s revolution unifies the country to the city, oppressed masses of people to the from peasant to the workers, the progressive nationalist to the proletarian internationalist, the national economist to the middle class strata, the universal laws and strategy of military science to the particular tactic of armed struggle and mass resistance. This is very clear in theory and practice and this is aimed at to seize central political power and establish the scientific socialism whereas a dictatorship of the proletariat eliminates the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie as a transition to communism.

Similarly, capitalism has developed to a new situation since Lenin defined hundred years ago as the highest stage of capitalism. Lenin had defined the dynamic role and predatory character capitalism through which imperialism is compelled to admit into war and even world war. Today what Lenin defined about the dynamic role of capitalism, the predatory character and giving rise to the contradiction imperialism versus oppressed nation and people principally and capitalism versus proletarian and inter-imperialist contradictions among themselves remain valid. Furthermore, in the last one century, these characters are further intensified, aggravated and stressed. Today, Capitalism is at the globalized stage, excessively parasitic, excessively centralized and extremely moribund. For this, CPN defines today’s imperialist phenomenon as the global stage of capitalism and post-imperialism. Some comrades have criticism about the meaning what it gives. Post means something qualitatively different and according to them, the capitalism after the end of imperialism. Even they have blamed us for adopting the policy to absent imperialism and falling into the belly of imperialism. For CPN, post-imperialism means as the latest, new or a style of economic system, its exploitation, plundering, its business and global clasp and network, which includes features from several different periods in the past or from the present and past, that is post-imperialism. Once the new wave of revolution will soar up, there is enough ground that the period of socialism, that is the stage of transition to communism will no longer take a century or half a century as the world has witnessed since Russian and Chinese October revolutions, rather this will lead hasten to way to communism. That means this wave of revolution will sweep over all countries in the world and we all the people of the world, almost the seven billion population of the world will advance to communism.

Here, it has to be clear that socialist revolution in any country cannot be brought into being with simple wishful desire, there should be the conscious attempt of the proletariat, the scientific method and approach has to be applied through the guidance of dialectical materialist philosophy, line struggle, and vigorous class struggle.