“It is precisely because Marxism is not a lifeless dogma, not a completed, ready-made, immutable doctrine, but a living guide to action that it was bound to reflect the astonishingly abrupt change in the conditions of social life” -Lenin; Certain Features of the Development of Marxism, 1910,vol-17, page 42, progress publication, Moscow.  “Today's world and Nepalese condition have demanded new synthesis in line. That line is the united people's revolution as the development of people insurrection and peoples war” – biplav, collected works, p-176. Above mentioned, the first quotation is the guideline principle for our action. answering the problem of how to make a revolution in Russia, Lenin has synthesized this quotation. He had reached 'concrete analysis of concrete condition is the spirit of Marxism'. By this cause he showed that the capitalism of his time has reached into imperialism and where is weak chain of it there can be scientific socialist revolution in a single country. According to Lenin´s guideline as possible as we are trying to reflect the astonishingly abrupt change in the conditions of social life in our relativity. In the second quotation, our general secretary's synthesis is the expression of this process.         Our party's action line unified people's revolution is as the development of Lenin's mass insurrection and mao's protracted people's war. We will achieve the scientific socialism in Nepal by this action line.         What is the unified people's revolution and what are the bases of this revolution? This question is widely raised among people. We are answering this question till today rebelling from the renegade leaders penetrated in communist party and party reorganizing process. Line enriching process is in continuation, so the answer will be continue. It will be explaining the action line and programme in brief in this article.         Capitalism created own grave digger proletariat in the time of Marx and Engels. In the era of industrial capitalism, worker become vanguard of revolution. Striking in the factory and demonstrating on the road to demolish old power and establish people's power by armed insurrection was their line. They saw example of Paris commune only. A lesson from the failure of Paris Commune, the condition of development of capitalism into imperialism and the chief detachment of revolution was the worker with peasant and soldiers, in this condition Lenin developed systematically line of armed insurrection. Russian revolution was succeeded by the step of preparation, reversal and lastly insurrection. Whatever, internationally capitalism has been reached into imperialism china and same semi-colonial and semi-feudal country where there is the majority of peasants, in this country Mao developed the line of protracted people's war. Russia developed into soviet federation from Lenin's armed insurrection and after Second world war liberated East Europe. China, Vietnam, North Korea and Laos etc. are liberated by Mao's protracted people's war. But after Vietnam revolution, dozens of country's near victory of revolution has been failed. Imperialists developed counter-insurrection and counter protracted war after deeply study and investigation of Lenin and Mao's line. they steal the many things from communism in their economics and development to make illusion among people to penetrate in the communist party and to buy the leadership. consequently, there was counter-revolution in the socialist country and near victory of revolution failed. There is failed the revolution in Philippines, Turkey, China, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Peru and Nepal. So CPN concluded that after Mao's death, communist doesn't grasp the basic principles of Marxism strongly and don't develop the Marxism according to today's condition is the main cause of counter-revolution and failure. Next cause, if we don't unified the cultural revolution with political revolution means to fight against the enemy, but not to fight against own self. As well as Lenin said that nobody be communist to recognize only class struggle, but he is communist who expands the class struggle to dictatorship of proletariat, so as we should say that today nobody be a communist to recognize only dictatorship of proletariat, but he is communist who expands dictatorship of proletariat to cultural revolution with political revolution. Then our party's –action line is unified peoples war and programme is the scientific socialism. The following points are the bases of our line.        

The first base is the political economy of today. We synthesized that capitalism is ultra-centralized to the direction of Marx and Lenin. Today it is not sufficient to call imperialism to capitalism. In the sense of ultra-centralized and extremist, we called it post-imperialism. It is called corporate capitalism in the language of economics. Secondly, in the time of Marx, Engels and Mao, there was centralized production and decentralized distribution and, in our time, there is decentralized production and centralized distribution. Decentralized production means not to get unified to masses and decentralized distribution means to make monopoly in the market of handful corporation. Corporation capitalism means to make extreme-monopoly in the market through handful syndicate, cartel and trust by capitalist and to control including political power. It pushed the middle class between oppressed and oppressor to the line of oppressor and workers. In the one hand, handful capitalists are centralizing in the market to make monopoly and in the other hand, workers, peasants, soldiers, homeless and landless people and middle class are going to unified. Thirdly there is added science and technology with productive forces today.  If it would be used making balance in the nature and if it would be applied for production according to human necessity and equal distribution system, communism would be very near. Fourthly, in the time of Marx, Lenin, and Mao, the economy was commanded by politics but now politics is commanded by the economy. So, communist leaders like Prachanda and Baburam are bought by corporation. In America, there is not victorious Hilari Clinton in the last election but Donald Trump is victorious because he was the lord of real state. It is inevitable revolution in superstructure also. Revolution means the struggle between productive forces and relations of production. If it is not the relation of production according to productive forces it would be fettered in hand of social development and that fetters must break forcibly. It is called revolution.          The second base of unified people's revolution is the development of science and technology unified. The famous scientist of our time, Stephen Hawking has died recently. He has developed unified physics to achieve the knowledge of photon to cosmos. Albert Einstein has invented the theory of relativity to see the huge and huge bodies of cosmos and self-Einstein, max plank and till nowadays scientists have invented quantum theory or the theory of uncertainty to see the small and smallest particles. In latter, there is great contribution of Stephen Hawking . To call it the theory of uncertainty means, it is invented something till now and there is rest to invent. We existed earth, our own self existence in this earth and on cosmos, not only scientists  and philosophers but also laymen to achieve the total knowledge. Hawking fusioned the theory of relativity  and the theory of uncertainty and made it unified physics. In philosophy, it is the unity of opposites-relativity and uncertainty and development of dialectical materialism. We called it unified people's revolution in the social and political revolution. This is expressed in science and technology today's computer is a good expression of unified physics. Modern touchable mobile phones are well examples of unified physics. Morden mobiles are not only mobile phone but also, they are radio, television, newspaper, post office, camera, torchlight Cinema hall, school and library etc. These machines are multi-dimensional. Other machines like dozer and excavator are also multidimensional. They are used in development and building. These are the bases of a unified people's revolution. So the name of our line is the unified people's revolution.         Thirdly, today there is not so the distance between town and countryside. Town and countryside are closed by information technology, transportation, and financial globalization. It has been violated the conditions to apply the urban insurrection development by Lenin and to apply the protracted people's war developed by Mao in the vast countryside. Agriculture has been industry and industry has been agriculture today. No so distance between national and international situation. The distance between nationality and class has been diminishing. Fighting for nationality couldn't be victorious without class struggle and class struggle couldn't be victorious without fighting for nationalities. Finally, both are class struggle. Then our revolution became unified people's war.         Fourthly, today's revolution is not only military war but also it is a cyberwar. There would be so many guns or so forced military if it wouldn't add cyber or information with a gun, then it will be trapped in darkness. Today's worker and oppressed deeply engage to understand and learn this matter. Finally, only after add the cyber in the military strategy, it will build a modern army. There is a readymade facility for the reactionary and imperialist army. Now, nobody can stop the red army to equip it. Revolutionaries also should be talent in the information playing. Now military science has become the unified science of gun plus cyber.         Made by above mentioned main bases the unified people's revolution is the action line of our party. We want to achieve scientific socialism by this line. A question has raised- how does come scientific socialism without a new democratic revolution?        We answered add of science and technology with productive force, financial globalization of post-imperialism and information globalization has brought rapidness in production. When people will grip the science and technology, there would not be only socialism but also the highest stage of social development communism. It is seeing on the horizon. The comparator capitalist parliamentary system has been established as the leadership of comparator capitalism, bureaucratic capitalism and feudal economy in Nepal. Comparador capitalism is the organ of post-imperialism capitalist system couldn't be an alternation of comparator capitalist system. When Mao has said that there would be a new democratic revolution by protracted people's war in China, at that time he had also said that the new democratic revolution is the organ of socialism. Today's Nepal has reached from semi-colonial and semi-feudal condition to neo-colonialism in 1940, Mao has written an article entitled 'on new democracy' and said, 'the right thing is in one historical condition it could be wrong in another historical condition.         There is a simple concept on the Chinese revolution in Nepal that Mao made a new democratic revolution in 1st October 1949 and he made socialist revolution 1958. It is necessary to make a breakthrough in this concept. Course, the process of new democratic revolution had been fulfilled by the strategy of encircling city through the countryside under the leadership of the Chinese communist party and chairman Mao. In 1949m he manifested scientific socialist republic of China. In 1956-58 against the logics that it is necessary to develop the capitalism forwarded production force so-qui had been victorious fully of Mao's socialist programme. Here in Nepal also we should fulfill the capitalist revolution in the process of unified people's revolution and establish scientific socialism. There is also a cultural revolution together.         What is socialism? In the famous book "class struggle in France 1848-1850" Marx has said "socialism is the declaration of the permanent of the revolution, the dictatorship of the proletariat as the necessary transit point to the abolition of  class destination generally, to the abolition of all the relations  of production on which they rest, to the abolition of all the social relation that revolutionizing of all the ideas that results from there social relations."         This synthesis of Marx cleared that socialism is the transition point between capitalism and communism. To abolition of class distinction. To abolition-based relations of production, to revolutionizing the ideas were from these social relations, it is necessary the dictatorship of the proletariat. Mao based on this principle and propounded continuation of revolution (Great proletarian cultural revolution) under the dictatorship of proletarian. In the final analysis, it is the first stage of communism. In this stage, there is a massive struggle between capitalism and communism.         How does originated the class society? Answering this question in 'Anti during', Engels has said: " it was based upon the insufficiency of production. It will be swept away by the complete development of modern productive forces. And, in fact, the abolition of classes in society presupposes a degree of historical evolution at which the existence, not simply of this or that particular ruling class, but of any ruling class at all, and, therefore, the existence of class distinction itself has become an absolute anachronism. It presupposes, therefore, the development of production carried out to a degree at which appropriation of the means of production and of the products, and, with this, of political domination, of the monopoly of culture, and o intellectual leadership by particular class of society, has become not only superfluous but economically, politically, intellectually a hindrance to development". –page 269 vol. 25, 1976-78.        This task synthesized by Engels that we should fulfill under socialism. When it would be sufficient production in this stage, then it will demolish the class. There is not a communist culture without a cultural revolution with political revolution. Lastly, what is communism? In Anti Duhring, written in 1876-78, Engels ha said.         With the saying means of production by society production of commodities is done away with, and, simultaneously, the mastery of the product over the producer. Anarchy in social production is replaced by the systematic, definite organization. The struggle for individual existence disappears. Then for the first-time man in a certain sense, finally marked off from the rest of the animal kingdom and emerges from mere animal conditions of existence into really human ones. The whole sphere of the condition of life which environment, and which have hitherto ruled man, now comes under the dominion and contra of man, who for the first time became the real, conscious lord of nature became he has now become master of his own social organization. The law of his own social action, hither standing face to face with the man as laws of nature foreign, to and dominion him will then be used with full understanding, and so mastered by him. Man's own social organization, hitherto confronting him as a necessity imposed by nature and history. Now becomes the result of his own free action. The extr-aneousobtive forces that have hitherto governed history pass under the control of man himself, with full consciousness make his own history – only from that time will the social causes set in movement by him have, in the main and in a constantly growing measure, the result intended by him. It is humanity's leap from the kingdom of necessity to the kingdom of freedom.' Page 270, vol-20        To bring scientific socialism means to complete the task as Engels synthesized above. To reach this from the kingdom of necessity to the kingdom of freedom, it must be walk long, difficulty and a great road of scientific socialism.         Further, Engels has said, " to accomplish this act of universal emancipation is the historical mission of the modern proletarian to thoroughly comprehend the historical conditions and this the very nature of this act. To impart to the now oppressed class a full knowledge of the condition and of the meaning of the momentous act it is called upon to accomplish, this is the task of the theoretical expression of the proletarian movement, scientific socialism." – page 271.         When we will cross this stage scientific socialism then we will get the best social system that from each according to his necessity. We will achieve scientific socialism by the process of preparation rehearsal and insurrection. The line of revolution of our party is unified people's revolution and scientific socialism is our programme.