The Communist Party of Nepal(CPN) has declared Nepal shut down along with the strikes against fascist oppression conducted massively in Kapilvastu, Rolpa, and Kalikot by the government. Nepal shutdown is planned on 14th of a march against the arrest of its leaders and activists in false cases. 

CPN-General Secretary Biplavb has announced the movement and the programs of struggle by releasing a press note. The press release states, 'The KP-Prachanda government has conducted an intense suppression campaign throughout the country against CPN. Police arrested Durga Bahadur Roka of Shivraj Municipality took back in Sundaridada and shot to injury.

Likewise, police have arrested hundreds of leaders and cadres of CPN from every part of the country including Raju Karki the president of Nepal farmer's federation.  Police are raiding, arresting, torturing and accusing the false issues on them. The press release says, 'our party condemns these types of bloody acts conducted by the government. We also wish for the quick recovery of comrade Durga Roka. We appeal for the attention of all the political forces, human right activists, civil society and intellectuals towards the state-terror, dictatorships, suppression, bullying, arrests, and false allegations. 'Everyone knows - our party is struggling against broker's capitalist authority, malignancy, corruption, trafficking, and rape. These subjects are related to Nepalese people, the party is taking the way of resistance and struggle for the benefit of the people.