Kathmandu: The Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) has declared a general strike on March 14. Stating that the government has launched a search operation against the CPN, police opened fire in Kapilvastu and injured a civilian, conducted operations in Rolpa, Kalikot, Chitwan and other districts and carried out extreme repression, the General Secretary of CPN has declared Nepal Bandh with various programs and a general strike by releasing a press statement. In a statement, General Secretary Biplab said, "The KP-Prachanda government has intensified their fascist repression across the country. During the crackdown, Durga Bahadur Roka, a youth from Anchalpur of Kapilvastu Shivraj Municipality, Ward No. 9, was abducted from his house at around 5 in the morning and later taken to the jungle and shot and injured.

Likewise, hundreds of leaders and activists have been arrested from across the country, including central member Comrade Bandhu Chand and chairman of the farmers' association Raju Karki. The govt. has been conducting raids, arrests, and tortures and making false allegations in the villages as in times of war. Our party strongly condemns this bloodthirsty oppression and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured comrade Durga Roka. We urge all political forces, human rights, civil society, and intellectuals to pay attention to all these issues of state terrorism, repression, shootings, arrests, and lies." Calling for support in the general strike organized against the nationwide repression by the present government, Biplab said, "Everyone knows that our party is fighting against the treason, corruption, smuggling, rape, bribery, and bribery of the crony capitalist power. Those issues are not only ours but the issues of the Nepali people and the party is taking the path of resistance struggle for the benefit of the people. Ironically! the so-called leftist, so-called communist government, the socialist capitalist government, is suppressing our party in defense of those traitorous, genocidal, corrupt elements. We consider it our duty to vigorously resist any kind of repression against the interests of the people and the country, a just voice, and the struggle. The ongoing fascist repression cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. Just as the people of Shivgadhi put up just resistance, the country needs proper resistance. For this reason, our party has organized a Nepal Bandh on March 14, including a general strike against the Kapilvastu shooting, army-police mobilization, and repression taking place across the country. We strongly urge you to support this bandh by closing down all sectors including transport, education, health, and factories." Stating that the repression, shootings, and operations carried out by the government all over the country are planned, CPN (Maoist) General Secretary Biplab said, "A few days ago, Prachanda and KP threatening to repress and firings and repression all over the country by using the army and police forces has demonstrated their fascistic character.

We want to make it clear that no matter how much they oppress, our party's allegiance to scientific socialism, the liberation of the working people, the struggle for the independence of the country will not make any difference, nor will their oppression succeed but inspire the revolutionaries to be more steadfast and dedicated. Ultimately, in the history of oppression and rebellion, it is the Nepali working people, not KP / Prachanda, who will win. Let's strongly resist the fascist oppression of the social crony capitalist government! Let's close Nepal on March 14. To make the Nepal Bandh a success, publicity programs have been organized on March 11-14, corner meeting on March 11, rally on March 12, torch procession on March 13 and Nepal Bandh on March 14." It may be recalled that in recent days, Prime Minister KP Oli and Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa have been threatening to suppress the CPN saying that its activities are not political. The language used by them and the arrests, shootings, and operations against the CPN from the government level reminded the genocidal Romeo operation carried out by the then Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba's government in Rolpa, Rukum before the start of the People's War.