Since the formation of our party, we have had the policy of running the model activities among the people. Accordingly, model activities have been launched among the people. The friends in Europe and the Middle-east at the process of their foreign employees have been providing great support on the model activities of our party. It has raised a wave of special messages among the comrades working here and among the people, as well as good motivation.

We have completed some of the model activities in a short period of the formation of our party and some of them are running as well. For example, Martyr Memorial Hall, and Rest-house in Thabang of Rolpa, Chetra School at the border between Dhading-Makwanpur district, Society-house in Chitawan, Mass-hall in Taplejung, support to Shanknagar park, Butwal, Support to martyr foundation in Bhojpur, two-room house of adviser comrade Pavan, constructing the house of several of the comrades, support to martyr's family, we have been growing vegetables and food-stuffs in more than ten Bighas of Land throughout the country.

Similarly, under-construction activities are central contract office of the party, large mass-hall, a very large martyr's park containing 9 thousand great martyrs including those from the time of Rana Regime to people's war as well as unified people's movement, people's health service centre, mess-hall at Malkot of Kalikot, the residence of central party-office in Lalitpur, the residence of general secretary, some of the society houses, and the houses of the victimized comrades. Now we are growing paddy, maize and vegetables in about 25 Bighats of land. We are constructing and producing something almost in each and every district of the country. It is the ever first in history that we have launched such well-managed and planned activities. It is also flowing a message of revolution among the party members and people. It has encouraged the leaders, cadres and people with a goal, and all the comrades have been working with their energetic mood.

While the party is forwarding the model activities, the friends who have gone to the different countries in Europe and the Middle East in the quest for employment from Nepal, have provided the support of about 2.3 million NRs through the party-supporting fronts. For instance, they have provided 1,815,000/- Rs from Europe-USA to the People's Health Service Center under construction in Shivagadhi of Kapilvastu. They have provided 475,651/- Rs from Middle-east, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE to the Party Central Contact Office and Health Service Center. The party is creating an environment of transforming both of the support to the construction committee directly. The support-handover program has been successful. After listening to the rationale for such support from the comrades and friends, whole party members and people including the comrades active in the construction have been overwhelmed and encouraged a lot. The overwhelming environment was created with the feelings that the well-wishing comrades have supporting the service to the people. We have been realizing, the comrades working abroad must have the co-feelings with the comrades working here in the country, at the difficulty and scarcity.

Truly, wherever, we the Nepalese people are, whatever our condition is, we are in the same poling on the issue of our life, society and understanding of the country. We have equality and sameness on the people, society and patriotism. We are thinking about the necessity for the transformation of the current situation, what we can do about it. When some new activities, a new struggle, and changes are seen, support is collected to forward it and succeed it well. This characteristic has also been reflected even at the time of struggle against Rana Regime, struggle against Panchayat, the armed struggle of Nepali Congress, Great People's War, and Unified People's Revolution. We have a fresh memory that many of the people returned back from many countries and worked as whole-time cadres at the time of the people's war; similarly, one battalion of youths from India came back to Nepal and was recruited into the People's Liberation Army. Many of the comrades have joined the party as whole-timer, even after we have forwarded Unified People's Revolution. Several of the comrades including Deepak Bist are still in Jail.

They provided support at the disaster of earthquake, and loss due to the flood and land-slide last year. Similar support is also coming into the country through different mediums even at the pandemic of COVID-19. We need to heartily respect and welcome as well as thank such supporting, people-serving, forward-looking, and transforming feelings. We need to impart our hearty gratitude to the friends of all Europe, middle-east and the all-around who have provided direct support in our people-serving campaign and model activities.

Today, our country is in great crisis. The deviation and evil practices have been raised a lot in all sectors including political, economic, social and cultural. Politics has been degraded to the business of fulfilling the interest of individuals, cliques and groups, capturing the power, serving their foreign masters, and deceiving the people. The economic sector has been suppressed under the corruption, commission, and broker ship. While the people and nation are going to be bankrupt, only a few of the brokers have been growing fast. Anarchism, inhumanity and de- decentralization have been spreading in society. The cultural sector has been disordered due to the evils like broker-ship, favouritism, and commission. The youths have been deprived of education, health, employment, and healthy entertainment. In totality, the country is in the dire need of forward-looking and revolutionary transformation.

In this four-decade-long practise, the parliament system has been proved to be totally failure. The root cause after the crisis is the failure of the parliament system, in which fact, the people are not unknown. Our party has a view- It is only scientific socialism with its forward-looking and people's new democratic characteristics. For this, we demand the empowerment of the people for the referendum in order to choose between capitalism and scientific socialism. It is an appeal from the party to all Nepalese people to take initiation and support it from all sides for this outlet of the current crisis of the country. We need to think that our future is possible only through correct prospects and initiation only. Until and unless the people's expectation is fulfilled, we will continue our initiation and struggle.