The fifth national conference of Dalit Mukti Morcha, Nepal has concluded with the selection of a 61-member central committee under the chairmanship of Ram Lal Bishwakarma. In the closed
session of the conference that was inaugurated in Dhangadhi of the far-western region on November 12, a serious discussion was held on the policy, upcoming plans, programs and renaming of the organization.

The closed session of the conference has decided to change the name of the organization to Shramik Samudaya Morcha, Nepal
Concerning the naming of working class and community with the conclusion that caste system based on work and labor has increased discrimination and inequality.Newly elected chairperson Ram Lal Bishwakarma informed that the proposal to name the organization as Shramik Samudaya Morcha, Nepal was unanimously passed by the representatives and observers.
In the closed session of the conference, Dalit Mukti Morcha, Nepal President Dambar Bishwakarma presented the political report and the statute. The report was passed with necessary amendments in a group discussion. In the closed session, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal Biplav, Secretariat member Santosh Budhamagar, Central Member Nirman, Shital and others gave schooling.
The committee chaired by Ram Lal Bishwakarma elected Jitendra Man Mahara as a vice-chaiman, General Secretary Trilochan Bishwakarma, Secretary Umesh Sike, Ram Kumar Paswan and Treasurer Janaki Baral