The leaders of the political parties and intellectuals have said that the American project MCC is very harmful to Nepal, and it should be scrapped. The speakers of the interaction program on “Anti-National MCC Agreement and Necessity of its Cancellation” organized in Kathmandu by the International Bureau of the CPN have said that if MCC is approved by the parliament, Nepal will be changed into a battleground, the US will capture all the natural resources including water and Uranium and will make us dependent on it forever. It is against the sovereignty and independence of Nepal, and all the patriotic forces should be united to scrap it.

Presiding the program, Dharmendra Bastola ‘Kanchan’, in charge of the International Bureau, appealed to all the cadres and well-wishers to stop the MCC from being approved at any cost, and participate in the movement calling for its cancellation. As CPN has announced the movement and has initiated the MCC cancellation campaign by forming a 22-parties front, he has appealed to all to participate in the movement. Comrade Kanchan, who is also a Central Secretariat Member of CPN, said the US wants to implement MCC at any cost to encircle China using Nepalese land. If the MCC is approved, Nepal and Nepalese will become the victims of escalated conflict and tension between the US and China. Leader Kanchan said, the US has a plan of capturing our natural resources and enlisting Nepal in its military alliance. He also clarified that as the agreement is anti-national, his party has announced a struggle against it.

CP Gajurel, the standing committee member of CPN (Revolutionary Maoist), stated that the chairman and vice-chairperson of MCC are coming to Nepal in order to approve MCC after the MCC cancelling campaign has been initiated. He highlighted that the reason behind MCC is to encircle China and capture the natural resources including water resources and Uranium. Gajurel said the US wants to implement MCC as per the Indo-Pacific Strategy. He said the US likes to implement MCC through parliamentary approval in order to capture our precious natural resources and misuse our land against China. Leader Gajurel said, as MCC is not in the interest of Nepal and Nepalese people, all the patriotic people should be unified in order to cancel it.

C.P. Mainlai, General Secretary of CPN (ML), said the US forwarded the MCC Agreement as it has faced setbacks in its influence. As Nepal is an independent country, our country should not be favouring the US and let our land be used against our neighbours. Mainali added that the US likes to forcefully approve MCC from the parliament in order to launch anti-Chinese activities and conduct its military activities in Nepal. He demanded the cancellation of MCC and said that the government is trying to approve it.

Lilamani Pokharel, Standing Committee Member of CPN (Maoist Center) opined that the MCC agreement, which is above the laws of the country, should be cancelled, and if not, Nepalese people will be forced to obey the US laws. He demanded the scrapping of the agreement as the US has such conditions on MCC that are against the interest of the Nepalese people. He said, “If it is approved by the parliament, it will become the law which will then be above all the other laws of the country.” He also revealed that the erstwhile ruling party, CPN, had suggested a number of amendments, but the US was not ready for the amendment.

Retired General of Nepal Army, Premsingh Basnyat, said that the MCC is not in the favour of Nepal and the Nepalese people. He appealed to all the youths to agitate against those who are conspiring against the country to turn it into a military battlefield. He criticised the so-called PhD scholars who were reticent about the tragic incident of Jaya Singh Dhami, a Nepalese man who has swept away in the Mahakali River when the Indian SSB cut the wire with which he was crossing it to reach India, and those who are openly endorsing the MCC agreement. He also criticised the leaders who once fought the People’s War but now have become the agents of the foreign power.

Political analyst, Prof. Dr. Surendra KC said that communists, in the true sense, are faithful patriots. The existing communist parties are divided with respect to the MCC agreement. Some are objecting while others are endorsing it. As the communists have been off-track, Dr. KC said, the country and people have suffered. Dr. KC stressed that Nepal being a sovereign nation following Panchsheel, or the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, should not implement MCC which is an offshoot of the American military strategy. According to him, the Americans are misusing Nepal and Nepalese people against China. Talking about the agreement fund, he said, Nepal is capable of collecting the fund worth five million US dollars, the fund equal to that of MCC.

Himlal Puri, the vice-chairperson of Rashtriya Janamorcha, said that the MCC is on the other side of the interest of Nepal and the Nepalese people. Claiming that a conspiracy has been hatched to pass the MCC from parliament, he appealed all to stage protests against that conspiracy.

Senior advocate Ekraj Bhandari reiterated that if passed, the MCC agreement would be above the constitution of Nepal, and, hence, it should not be passed. Passing the MCC agreement from the parliament is to bring the US laws active in the country. So, the MCC should be scrapped, he concluded.

Dhan Kumari Sunar, Central Committee member of Scientific Socialist Party, and Bharat Gautam, Central Committee member of the Struggle for MCC Cancellation, shared similar thoughts on the agreement and said that the MCC should be cancelled at any cost as it is not in the interest of the country.