By CPN Correspondent, July 2017 Government of Nepal forcibly held the local level election in so called six states (except in state no. 2) in two phases. The government has claimed that the election is peacefully completed. But, on other side, thousands of voices and hundreds of bombs were exploded against the election. Government, in its own words, pointed out that there were extensive security threats for election. For that, Nepal Army was mobilized. Although, election commission Nepal, states that more than seventy percent voters cast vote, but, if closely observed not more than 55 percentage illegible voters participated in the election.

Political ground for the Discard of election The CPN is demanding the new political system instead of the old and rustic so called parliamentary system as per the spirit of 12 point agreement.  As Maoist Centre led by Pushpa kamal Dahal bowed down with the parliamentary system, CPN, reorganized Maoist party, broadly appealed to the  people to fight against the reactionary system. It is because the parliamentary system (directed and handled by the corporate capital) can not address the aspirations of the Nepalese people.CPN claims that Prachanda’s surrender raised a big question in subject to the authenticity of the ten years’ long peoples’ war. And people are demanding a new political system where there must be the solution of all kinds of suppression i.e. class, caste, gender, regional and  lingual related problems. And their aspiration is owned by the Communist Party of Nepal. With a bitter disagreement with the regressive constitution of parliamentary system, Communist Party of Nepal proclaimed to discard the election. The Party which has already declared the peoples’ council under the leadership of Santosh Buddha Magar, has emphasized on extending peoples’ council up to village level. It is said that the course of organizing people in the People’s council has given a next step for the class struggle. On one side, the parliamentary parties are enforcing to implement their constitution and on the other, the CPN is marching forward to implement the peoples’ constitution declared by it. Henceforth, Forthcoming tussle can be guessed when two governments run in a nation.  

Revolutionary efforts for the discard of election The CPN has hurled nationwide actions for the cancellation of the election. It widely appealed people not to participate in the election because the election is against the spirit of the people’s war and people’s movement -2. But the government showed suppressive character and arrested hundreds of the CPN cadres even while they were peacefully conducting democratic exercises. State administration has seized the freedom of expression of people. For that, the government has been condemned by stakeholders, other political parties and public. As the degree of state oppression is increasing, the struggle is becoming fiercer. Dedicated revolutionary leaders and cadres put them in line for change. Reports show that, state was thrilled with election-discard voices. More than thousand people were arrested. Reports claim that the arrestees were tortured in custody which is entirely illegal. Despite a big state oppression, numerous anti-election actions took place throughout the nation. Among them few incidents are mentioned hereby:

Malkot: Police fled away On April 14, the day of election, the people of Mlkot (of Kalikot) marked a significant history by invading so called local level election. Thousands of people rose up collectively, concentrated at Malkot booth and seized the ballot boxes. A pensive struggle occurred. General but revolutionary public including women did not care their lives and fought. The police force blindly started firing. Dhan Rup Batala, the election candidate of Ra. Pra. Pa. was shot dead by police. Other four people were injured by bullets. Many people got wounded. But, the people, led by Communist Party of Nepal, got a remarkable victory. Police force ran away being defeated. All the ballot boxes were seized by the CPN people. Nepal Army did not take any negative action in the incident. Having released a press statement, CPN declared Dhana Rup Batala the Martyr.

Mugu : Election materials captured On 13th May, The Communist party of Mugu district has scarped a historical record by capturing all the election materials from the grip of police force and election attendants. The incident occurred at Chhayanath Rara municiplity-12 Shobhagau. The CPN cadres took police’ weapons in control and grabbed all ballot papers, boxes and logistics.

Pyuthan : Cadres along with CCM arrested On 7th June, Police have arrested 12 cadres of CPN from Pyuthan district charging them making anti election activities. CPN leaders including central committee member Bandhu Chand, Ashal, Rapti bureau In charge subash and other 9 cadres were arrested while they were sitting in a meeting at Mandavi-1, Tiram. They were released three days later the second phase election. Government suppression over the CPN cadres was protested throughout the nation.

Chitwan: Thundering Struggle CPN Chitwan committee did struggle a lot to reject the so called local level election which, according to the ruling parties, is a big step for the implementation of the constitution. In fact, it appeared that the government administration was thrilled with threats. They attempted Herculean effort to take the situation in normal. They were found assuming that since Chitwan was one of the focally revolutionary district from the peoples’ war and the renowned leaders of the CPN belong there, enormous incidents might have taken place.Being threatened with above mentioned, Chitwan police arrested Puran Rai, Shankar Gurung and 21 other CPN cadres and supporters charging they were possessing explosives and weapons. The arrestees were released after the election was over. CPN In charge of Chitwan Lal Bahadur said that they had been arrested from their house while sleeping. Police have filed public case against them.  

Makawanpur : Two way firing In the course of election discard, Ram Kumar Upreti, a chairman candidate from the ruling CPN Maoist center had been detained from Manohari, Hardikhola Makawanpur on May 5, 2017. Also, It has been reported that two way firing occurred between Nepal Army and CPN cadres prior night to the first phase election Baishakh 31, 2074. Police has arrested district In charge ‘Jwala’ and the worker leader Som Ghalan. According to the Narayani bureau In charge Chiran Pun, new programs of struggle for their unconditional release are going on.  Rukum : Strike within custody Police arrested and filed public case against 19 leaders/cadres of the CPN from Rukum district on May 7. Among the arrestee, Puran Jung Khadka, a child of 15 years, is one which is entirely illegal according to the law of state. They have been accused of operating anti election activities in different parts of Rukum. District secretary Chandra Bahadur Budha, and Rapti bureau member Gambhir Sirpali were also arrested. Police arrested them for they were painting party’s slogan and publicizing against the regressive election. Rukum CPN In charge, Sher Bahadur khadka claimed that party cadres were arrested and suppressed their peaceful programs.

Kapilvastu : Attack in the daytime On the day of candidate nomination of the election, an unidentified force exploded a terrific bomb at Gajehada, of Kapilvastu district. Nine persons were reported injured. Candidacy nomination process was ongoing while explosion occured. Police suspected that CPN might have made the action simply because it demanded the discard of the election. Whoever did the action, it reflects that there is a big question on the authenticity of the election. Udayapur : Cadres arrested Police arrested three cadres of the communist Party of Nepal in Udaypur district. According to the party source, they were arrested without any serious reason; they were peacefully working to appeal people not to participate in the anti people election as per the party instruction. But police accused them that they were found with explosives and logistics which aimed to anti election activities.

Nawalparasi : Bomb incident Four CPN people were arrested in Nawalparasi on 27th June.  As a terrific bomb exploded at Sunawal, Nawalparasi, almost a dozen of people were injured. Though none took its responsibility, police suspected Biplav led CPN relating it with anti election movement. Among the arrestee, Mrs. Durga Basyal who made recent operation for her physical illness, was also there; which drew the attention of many activists. Government administration was publicly condemned for that ill action.

Dhangadi : Great martyrdom of ‘Sunrise’ CPN cadre, Chandra  Bahadur Singh (Sunrise)  from Dhangadi, kailali got  great martyrdom when he tried to throw away a suspected object seen on the yard of a hotel on his way to house on 27th June.  As the source claims, It was a bomb and suddenly exploded when he tried to throw it into kailali river. He was badly injured, rushed to hospital, but in vain. His last wish was that the revolution would go on. Although, some medias reported that he was the victim of the bomb he was carrying oneself for the anti election activities, it was merely a charge against CPN party. Except these, hundreds of the CPN cadres have been arrested and filed public case from Arghakhanchi, Rupandehi, Pachthar, Rolpa, Bar diya, Kanchanpur, Rautahat, Bhojpur, Dang, Ilam, Jhapa and many districts. As per the discard  appeal distribution, pestering, wall painting, Kon sabha and even fasting inside custody (In Rukum) were widely done. People have felt the need of cancellation of so called election very well. Though, the rejection of election itself is very tough event for a political party, but the agenda of revolution and mission for scientific socialism established the Communist Party of Nepal from grass root level to international level. Whoever analyzes the matter in whatever way,  The CPN’s discard has diagnosed the fact : the people are entirely dissatisfied with present parliamentary system. People have a fair agreement with The CPN on its political program i.e. scientific socialism.

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