This is the interview taken with party-spokesperson, Prakand taken by Gunraj Lohani with the assistance of Bhim Chapagain of Rato-khabar on the current issues.
How are you observing the current political scenario of the country?
The current political scenario of the country is highly critical. At that time when we were separated from the Chairman Comrade Prachand about 5/6 years before, or we reorganized our party in the leadership of General-secretary Comrade Biplab about three and half years before, we had stated the counter-revolution has taken place in the country. All the political achievements of the Nepalese people with the decade long people’s war, the achievement of the movement for the liberation and independence of the country have been going to be finished under the banner of democratic republics.
Therefore the revolutionary party has an obligation forward the revolution innovatively. As the country has entered into the counter-revolution, there is no point of the slogan of preserving and protecting the achievement of the revolution and movements. The independency of the country and livelihood of the people are at the very critical situation. While observing all of these things like corruption, commission and social insecurities, the country has very dark scenario forward. The country is in really critical situation. The party-line for the revolution launched by our party is the ‘Unified Revolution’, which is running smoothly. In the three and half years, its necessities and justifications have been increasing.
Your party has announced that the counter-revolution has been hatched by this parliamentarian system, and it can’t give any outlet, your party has also not been able to give any solution on it, why?
Partially, it is true. In reality, we have innovatively reorganized the revolutionary communist party and its movement, we have promulgated an innovative party-line including all the positive and negative experiences of 10 years’ people’s war. Then only people have been launching their criticism and aggression against the counter-revolutionary steps launched by the parliamentarian parties, as the representative of the comprador-capitalists. All the Nepalese people have a general concept and understanding that the liberation of the people and independence of the country is possible only through unified people’s revolution propounded and being operated by Nepal Communist Party. However, it has taken time, and it has not met the expectation as Nepalese people have to take its intensity. We have understood the expectation of the people to be highly justified one. Because, while the Nepalese revolution was very near to its success around 2062/063 BS (2006AD), however it has been set-back. As the revolution very near to its victory has been set-back, its has taken enough time to revive again to be reorganized, and people’s expectation has not been met up accordingly. Such expectation of the people is natural too.
Now there is two-third majority CPN (K.P.-P.K.) government. They had a election proclamation while going to the people, which they have not fulfilled. Country is in reverse direction. The murder and rape-cases have been common in the society. The people have a great expectation that party should pressurize the government, which your party has not fulfilled, why?
Certainly, the people have been tired of such anti-social and anti-cultural anti-people, anti-national incidents as murdering and social-insecurity, they people have been tired of them. Our party should have launched great-nation-wide pressurizing programs, the party should have taken the initiation for the justice of the people, the party has urgent need to fulfill some of the demands immediately. We have made a nation-wide discussion and preparation to launch such program, but have not launched so far, which we will take in near future.
After the rape and murder of Nirmala Pant of Kanchanpur, dozens of such rape-cases have been repeated. The people can’t expect anything from them. they people are imposed with heavy-taxes even under the communist government. How can this be a communist government imposing so heavy tax upon the people, and creating so soaring market-price? Still, they are claiming incessantly this to be communist government. What have the people achieved suffering that heavy decade-long people’s war, than such insecurity and heavy taxes? Its activities and behaviors are the evidence to prove the truth that it is completely a reactionary and counter-revolutionary government. In the name of communist it completely a anti-people government. The people are demanding to move forward innovatively, which we are planning for as well.
You have recently been released on the fiftieth day, what was the cause after your arrest?
The suppression upon me is clearly, an assault upon our party, which they started from me, as a leader of the party. Recently, we have launched forward a program of radical transformation as a new party-line and new thought. As they have been ideologically and politically defeated from us, from Nepalese people in each and every front, they have a conspiracy against our party, which we should not tolerate at all.
While you were in the custody, some of the media mentioned, ‘it was the desire and design of general secretary comrade Biplav’, what do you say on it?
After 4/5 days of the arrest, I also have heard of it, while I was in the custody. Such rumor in the media is the outcome and design of the current government, under the leadership of the figures like K.P Oli, Prachand, Home-minister Ram Bahadur Thapa etc. They have been representing comprador capitalism in true sense. It is also a day-light truth, in order to solve all of these problems seen in the country our party under the leadership of General-secretary comrade Biplav is launching a program of unified revolution in the country. All of the revolutionary communists have been around the leadership now. All the patriotic pro-public individuals and power-centers are also around it. Similarly, even those radical democrats who are completely dissatisfied of such realities against their expectation, inspite of their struggle and commitment for century-long struggle, have been standing around our party. The current reality is intolerable for all including Nepalese people and our party.
You were kept 49 days in the custody, during which were dragged to 6 districts, would you mention about your experiences there?
Such activities from the government are completely unexpected. In the past where there was constitutional monarchism, we fought for the republicanism to completely end the monarchism. However, the current government and home-administration has not been acknowledging out contribution and sacrifice properly, and has launched such inhuman activities like torturing and harassing us.
At that I was coming back to Kathmandu from Hetauda, completing my program there. At Taudaha I was arrested, which I had not imagined at all. The administration has also not informed me well. What was the cause after arresting me, what was my mistake are still unknown. I was arrested in a completely terrorist and criminal manner.
There was an armed group of about 30-35 people. They encircled the vehicle we were riding, got it in the control and made me got down as well. At that time, I asked, who are you to force me to do so? They didn’t have any response to it. They didn’t respect the democratic right of individual-freedom. They seized all of our belongings. They kept me in their vehicle and hand-cuffed me. Forcing me to wear black grass on the eyes, they tied black putty over it, and took us to their office there at Taudaha. They kept me there for 20 minutes. Again they forced us to walk somewhere else. They were creating such milue around us, as if they are going to shoot me somewhere in the jungle. Then I can’t say where they took me for two hours. It might have been there is Kathamdu or somewhere else. Then they took me to a building, which I can’t identify, its location. There was a small inner carpeted room, where I was kept at the middle, without any support for the back. Then they started to harass and torture me talking non-sense.
They offered me something to eat, but with black strap on the eyes. I denied eating anything with the black-strap on the eyes and handcuffed. I struggled there, which resulted into their mind-change to open the eye-strap and handcuff. They turned me to face the wall, while eating first mouthful, I found it quite cold and non-eatable, which I couldn’t eat at all.
Then they started the mental torture upon me. They desired for the corporal punishment, which was not possible for them because of the height of our party and revolutionary movement, the social status of us the leader, and our past contribution for the current realities. However, they continued the mental torture whole night by 4 AM. Neither was I allowed lie-down nor to rest my back.
Certainly, they have been trained well; one of them speaks so soft and polite to me. He asks me to violate all of the confidentiality of the party and pressurizes me to reveal the truth. Then the another comes and asks nonsense with most rigorous tone to threaten, terrorize and pressuring manner. It continued whole night until 4PM. Whatever I replied them was that ‘I am a leader of Nepal Communist Party’, which you already know. Therefore, don’t expect me to reveal any confidentiality of the party. I can’t reveal it because of the discipline of my party and its norms, for which you can do anything upon me. Stop asking such non-sense.
Nevertheless I am ready to tell you about the policy and theoretical matter of our party, which are for the revolution in the country.’ They didn’t have any patience to listen these things. They tortured me mentally whole night, which was more frightful than the corporal torture. Then at about 4 in the morning I told them to stop such non-sense. Then I refused talking to them and laydown with slight support on my back. Then again at about 5/6 AM tying black strap on the eyes, they forced to walk somewhere for one hour. I was police office there at Kapan.
Again they tied the strap over the eyes in 10-15 minutes, I sensed, they were walking me to some friend’s home, but there were nowhere our friend around. Then I felt they are going to insult myself and our party. After half an hour they stopped the vehicle. While opening the strap, it was just in front of the house where I had rented a room, it was in front of my room itself. He might be the DSP, who told me to get-down, to go inside. I disliked it completely. I rebuked, ‘What a non-sense are you doing upon me, why didn’t you tell it to me before. I can’t accompany you to search my won room, you can do anything you like. What’s ethics with you. I completely refused to get down of the vehicle. Then they searched the room for 40-45 minutes. Then they brought me back to Teku at about 1PM.
Then the second chapter begins. There in Teku, they kept me in the custody, where I intensified the struggle. I strongly stated don’t keep me in the custody, it is a political issue, deal me accordingly.
I told the officer there for my accommodation. Though the officer was personally sympathetic and well-mannered, he used to relate that it was because of the home-administration which was forcing them to keep me in the custody. Then they took me to the custody where there were already about 150 detainees. We were introduced and had a good talk there.
Then they made a decision and planning to add the term-duration taking me to the court. They tried to hand-cuff me which I refuted strongly, but the officer replied the same, which I accept to avoid the non-sense talking to them. I was taken to the court in the same vehicle. The lawyer-friends have already been there in the court. There were party-cadre and journalists as well. I told the friends to call the journalists, while returning back from the court, the media-persons had already arrived there, where I had media-conference. I spoke to the media-people hand-cuffed. I exposed the reality of the current government. It was covered were everywhere, everywhere it was talked well, the reality of this government was exposed well. The truth that this government is the government of the comprador capitalism has been established were everywhere in the country and outside. It was 1st Bhadra (17 Aug) when I was brought the court, when the current government was weakening gradually. Then a debate and discussed took place in the supreme court, where I also spoke on it, then the supreme court issued an order, where conspiracy was degraded.
The state-power intended to impose all kinds of torture upon us, the vested interest of the government was to kill us too, which was smashed at the initiation of our party. Then they sued against me on the issue of atrocities and property-purification case. I faced and refuted strongly in the court as well.
I have strongly refuted that it is not our party that harasses or tortures any of the entrepreneur in the country. The current government can make no entrepreneur stand in the court and speaks about it, where and when he/she was tortured or harassed because of our money-collection. If the case is so, I am ready to accept any of the punishment, and refund all of the maney collected in such way. If you like to sue for the purification of my property, I am always open for the investigation upon it. I don’t have any property so far, without is distinctive sources. All the legal workers in the supreme-court had sympathy towards out party and upon me.
All of them debated against the government, all of them were against the extremities of the government. There were many legal workers and lawyer friends in our support. There were 80-90 advocates to advocate against such activities of the government, but only 26-27 of them advocated on it. The judges listened to the debate carefully as well. Then the bench issued a verdict, that the activity is illegal and against the constitution, and fictitious. Then the bench issued a verdict that was objective and justified.
I was acquitted with the verdict, and government was not allowed to arrest me, but I was not confident to the activities of the government, doubting on them, I phoned to the friends of the human-right commission. Then they came. Sudeep Pathak came, I got into his vehicle, I was going to the office of Human-right.
The government violated my human right. The vehicle was seized. We had a debate for one and half hour, Sudeep Pathak worked so hard, but the government didn’t listen to him. The government had an order to capture the vehicle applying the crane itself. Then I thanked Sudeep for his so great effort on out behalf and I accepted the arrest. Then I was accepted there and then. Then I was taken to Kavre in the night time. They dragged me to 6 districts, where I faced 9 cases. Though there was said to be one only case there in Bhojpur, where it was found to be three cases. Two murder cases and one the arsenal. The government imposed so many face cases against me. Everywhere, the government had a direction and design to trap me with the fake cases.
While facing 9 cased in 6 districts, we got support from the people well. Our party worked and struggled for it. We were altogether 10-11 central committee members arrested dozens of other acdres and supporters were also arrested. While the party was working hard internally, so were the people outside, including the general people, intellectuals, lawyers, journalists, entrepreneurs who were tired of such attitude of the people were working hard supporting us. All of their effort and contribution is highly commendable in the current history of the country. We have been released now not with the pity and sympathy of the current government, but in the initiation of our party and people. We have achieved a victory in a sense.
However, there is a saying that the government has released you to create the environment for the negotiation and talk, which is seen in the media, how-much truthful is it?
Actually the current government didn’t have any justification after arresting us. As a result the government was under the fierce criticism from the people. The intention of the government was to arrest us, torture us there in the custody and annihilate all the possibility of the revolution and alternative power, and enjoy the undisturbed for decades long. Ultimately, it was an official design to end the revolution in all respects. As I have mentioned earlier, the manner of the government arresting us was already under the fierce criticism from the people. All the people, including the intellectuals, journalists, the lawyers etc joined their hands with the struggle of the party against such anti-democratic and anti-people activities. As a result the government didn’t have any alternative than releasing us, for whose face-saving the government is talking now of the negotiation, and propagating our release as to create the environment for the negotiation.
Naturally our party ‘Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) is never against the negotiation and peaceful solution of the problem. However, it should not be a show-piece; it should be able to practical yield some result. We have postulated the issue of the country and people distinctively, which is a political issue in itself. The objective of all the struggle and movement of the people since 1950AD is for the change and transformation in the country and society to the actual level not for the cosmetic show-piece. However, there is deception in the revolution; the people have been cheated by these leaders.
Therefore, we like the correct it with the revolution itself. We like to give the solution to the issues of the people. In this case if the government is honest to give the solution to the problems and issues seen in at the public level, if it acknowledges the ground realities of the people’s demands and creates the faithful and reliable ground, the party is ready to think on it. However, if the government is hatching a conspiracy in the name of negotiation, we can’t accept it.
What types of program is ‘Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) launching currently? Please mention it in intelligible language to the people.
Now, we are launching a country wide campaign. We are informing the people about the current political situation. We are conducting a political awareness program among the people. We are going door to door among the people. The current situation of the country is most dreadful one. We are making appeal to the people for their struggle and participation.
On the other hand, the government at the state-power one after another are surpassing in the anti-national and anti-people activities. They are signing the humiliating treaties with the foreign power centers. They are snatching and plundering the people’s power. They are suppressing people at the competition level. The life of the people is in critical situation from all respect. The incidents like murder, rape and social insecurity are so many in the society. The corruption and gambling of the commission is so high in the country. The media are writing and mentioning on such evil activities, black-marketing, excessive corruption; and we are fighting and struggling for the improvement in the life of people. We are preparing the upgrading the people life.