The Communist Party of Nepal, having a slogan of establishing scientific socialism is planning a huge public assembly in Kathmandu on 24 November 2018. The party, which has been fighting against parliamentary system since the establishment, has been exercising separate and parallel government authority as well as People’s Constitution, People’s government, People’s Representative Assembly and People’s Court.

Nepal communist Party-Maoist was formed in the initiative of leader Biplav, Prakanda and Kanchan for not letting down the conclusion of 10 years of People’s war. Party was formed under the leadership of comrade Kiran. With the conclusion: the party not taking necessary initiative for revolution even after two years of establishment, leaders of the party reformed another new party on 24 November 2014 after submitting a letter to the President comrade Kiran in Buddhanagar with the purpose of completing integrated people’s revolution. The name of the party is decided to be Nepal Communist Party after 8th General Convention as it was Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) initially.

The day Party enters in the 5th year after completing 4 years is decided to go with huge and grand people’s demonstrations. To make that day a grand day, Party will conduct corner assemblies, motorcycle rallies, cultural programs, jhakki demonstrations and interaction seminars all over the country.