It has already passed five months since the murder and rape of 13-year old girl, Nirmala Pant of Kanchhapur district, but up to now not any effective steps have been proceeded by the government side. This shows that the government authorities are protecting the criminals, making the general public completely annoyed. So to create pressure on the government, Communist Party of Nepal led-by took out a protest rally in various part of the country. Addressing the meeting, the CPN leaders accused the government officers of tampering with the evidence at the site where Nirmala was found dead on July 27.

The government authorities gave the evasive answer so the CPN announced the street demonstration, attending thousands of students, women, rights activists, and the general public at the rally that later converged into Mass-Meeting. The protestors chanted-anti government slogans by holding Nirmala’s posters and party’s flags. The leaders make a commitment not to leave the culprits so the investigation will be conducted by our party.