Communist Party of Nepal is a vanguard of the proletarian class. This party is guided by historical and dialectical materialist philosophy, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory and with the principal of establishing New Democratic or Scientific Socialist Society in Nepal and advance to establish Communism in the world over.

In the era of imperialism and proletarian revolution (Scientific Socialist Revolution) today, there are four major or basic contradictions in the international arena, contradiction among various imperialist powers, contradiction between imperialist countries and oppressed people and nations, contradiction between the bourgeoisie and proletariat in the imperialist countries and the contradiction between the capitalist-imperialist class and the oppressed masses (this contradiction is being manifested in the imperialist wars against the Islamic states, the impoverished nationalities, and masses) of people of the world. All other contradictions subordinated to, or, sprouted up from the ground of these basic contradictions will be resolved only after the solution of all these basic contradictions. Among basic contradictions, due to globalization, liberalization and privatization, due to the binge monopoly and corporate syndications and due to the global access of finance mobility and global integration of labor market, cultural integration and global production and distribution mechanism under socialized production and privatized ownership of the capitalist system, the contradiction between the capitalist-imperialist class and the broad oppressed masses of people of the world has been accentuated being standing as principal contradiction. All these contradictions have a common origin, the capitalist mode of production (socialized production and privatized appropriation), and the principal contradiction is caused from development of the imperialist system to post-imperialism as the latest and highest form so far.

The proletarian class has national and international revolutionary perspectives, as long as capitalism divides and oppresses the world, in the hinge and integrated. In relation to national contradictions in Nepal, among the basic contradictions as contradiction between the comprador capitalist state and the broad masses of people, contradiction between feudalism and peasantry, contradiction between comprador capitalist and workers, contradiction between nationalist and national traitors, in sum, contradiction between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat; the contradiction between the comprador capitalist class and the broad masses of people has highly been accentuated standing as principal. As the Communists have their common effort to bring the Scientific Socialist Revolution into being in their own country as a part of an international proletarian mission and leading the world to Communism as an international agenda, Communist Party of Nepal is leading the Nepalese masses to triumph a Scientific Socialist Revolution. This revolution is part of the international proletarian revolution, which goes as according to the communist internationalism, making revolution in own country and helps others for the same cause, the same struggle, same aim of freeing the people from all kinds of handcuffs and shackles of exploitation and domination of men by men, and this mission goes, as Lenin defined, "support wholeheartedly" ideologically, politically and by all kind of assistance. With this scientific approach and methods of the Communist, the Communist Party of Nepal is adhere to make Scientific Socialist Revolution in Nepal and support all just struggles led by the masses of people for achieving freedom from the clutches of imperialism, capitalism, colonialism, neocolonialism, feudalism and all kind of reactions including religious fundamentalism, national chauvinism, racism of different levels, and lead these struggle to develop to a communist revolutionary class struggle in the way to establishing Scientific Socialism through revolution and series of revolutions.

Communist Party of Nepal, a polarized and reorganized vanguard of the Nepalese proletarian class through a vigorous line struggle against Prachanda and Bhattari's neo-revisionism, capitulationism and deviationism in theory, practice and principal; and through a fierce class struggle (though some certain observations do still persist) against the comprador and the social comprador capitalist ruling class of Nepalese reactionary neo-colonial state and regime, is a serious, responsible and farsighted organized partisan for proletarian interest, emerged from the ashes of painful counterrevolution on the Maoist revolutionary People's War and the betrayal against the entire masses of oppressed people of Nepal by the erstwhile capitulationist leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and the reactionary parliamentary parties.

Having combating dogmato-revisionist trends (that does not want to make any breakthrough and ruptures at needs) appeared in the Nepalese communist movement, the Communist Party of Nepal has adopted important resolutions, in a way to bring a new wave of revolution, that is the line of unified people's revolution. This is, in general, the military line of the twenty-first century to defeat imperialism and its lackeys.
A revolutionary line needs to address many important theoretical questions inherent in the contemporary society and people, the oppressed and oppressors and the friends and foe to revolution in order to lead the masses of people to communist direction; especially in making a correct summation of the past, coming with concrete analysis of the present and posing scientific perspective for the future, in a correct, scientific and materialist way. Having done this, the Communist Party of Nepal has termed the character of capitalism today as post-imperialism. Post-imperialism, the more concentrated forms of the highest stage of capitalism, which is the real tiger hunting wanton-way against the oppressed nation and people and mighty monster that commits crimes of blood shocking everywhere in the world, is a particular style of capital, developed to binge parasitic, binge monopolized and binge moribund, which includes features (as unified forms of characters) from several different periods in the past or from the present and past especially in economy, finance, mortgages, syndicates, cartels, corporate, those have been appearing in, and aftermath of, the globalization, liberalization, privatization as well as experiences of economic depression, mass frustration, reactionary suppression, and causing to global uprising in the world. The general line of Unified People's Revolution opens up a way for the new wave of revolution, unifying all revolutionary experiences hitherto practiced, rectifying all drawbacks appeared in the past in the Communist Movement and Socialist System, the human being has ever experienced. Though the strategy of Unified People's Revolution, terming post-imperialism and deepening some philosophical understanding is on debate, in the arena of dialectical materialist philosophy, communist political economy, and scientific socialism, some of the Nepalese orthodox social-intellectuals, who claim themselves as Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, argue that post-imperialism denies the existence of imperialism, thus post-imperialism defines the world after the end of imperialism. These people, who are badly dazzled from the betrayal of revolution by Prachanda and Bhattarai, who are drawn under the mire of anarcho-criticism of every phenomenon indiscriminately, and who do reject a notion for a healthy debate in a way to deepening the understanding of crucial issues for socialism to higher level, do not recognize the latest and highest development of capitalist imperialism to a globally centralized capital developed to different level.

Because of unified character of post-imperialism, as it unifies all comprador capitalist class by protecting all forms of reactions, such as feudalism, fundamentalism, religious backwardness, racism and terrorism in order to ensure its booty by plundering the oppressed people, any of the nationalist agitators is not able to lead any progressive revolution and no revolution is possible in any of the oppressed countries under the leadership of the capitalist class itself. Many of the people are misguided to seek freedom from heaven, religious superstitions, and individual self-dependence. No solution could come from superstition and any kind of fundamentalism against imperialist oppression unless the communist extends their proletarian hands join hand-in-hand in a unified manner in one country and the world over. Since post-imperialism has embraced all forms of reactions including revisionism, capitulationism, and liquidationism that get reproduced time to time as a byproduct of the revolutionary movement, the Communist today have more and more responsibility to sharpen their ideological weapons, to magnify their political ability and to elastify their practical flexibility.
This website is a (English language) mouthpiece of the Communist Party of Nepal, to appeal for rallying the masses in the world over in support of Communist Revolution, to play the role of organizer, propagator and agitator and to outreach its ideas and understanding to the notch and corner of the world so that people get prepared to grapple and grasp the situation while a new wave of revolution emerge up and advance to communism. The Communist Party of Nepal strives to revitalize the internationalist revolutionary organizations such as Revolutionary Internationalist Movement RIM, Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia, CCOMPOSA and World People's Resistance Movement, WPRM. Communist Party of Nepal wants the people of the world get organized, united and agitated to success the revolution in Nepal and bring the revolution in their own countries into being, the materialize socialism and advance towards communism.

Workers and oppressed people of the world, Unite!
Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!!
Long Live Unified People's Revolution!!
Triumph on Scientific Socialist Revolution!!
Advance for Communism!!!