The general secretary of Nepal Communist Party Biplav has strongly condemned the government for revoking the issues of Spokesman and Politburo members for the case that has already been given clean cheat by the court.

'The broker's government has revoked a case against our standing committee member and spokesman Comrade Prakanda and Politburo member Comrade Jiwanta. The false case against them in Udyapur and Sankhuwasabha has already been dismissed by their own court' says a press statement released by BIplav on 30 December, 'we are closely monitoring the government's act.'


Biplav also expressed his party's views about negotiation with the government. He claims that Kp Oli and Prachanda led fascist government has not yet written a formal letter for negotiation. 'The drama of talk is only with the motive of suppression' Biplav said, 'a drama of negotiation is one side and the act of suppression to our party is another side, we strongly condemn this.'

The general secretary, Biplav says that the fascist government is violating the human rights by revoking the dismissed cases against Nepal communist party leaders. 'This is an act to legalize their corruption and price hikes' says Biplav 'all human right activists, lawmakers, and true democrats should protest against it.'