The General Secretary of Nepal Communists Party General Secretary, Biplav, has addressed his leaders and cadres in an open program on the occasion of the 126th Mao day.

The name of the place where Biplav was addressing has not been revealed. The Source has given information that people shouted with slogans while Biplav stepped on the Stage.

While addressing, Biplav remembered the great leader of Chinese Revolution Mao-zedong, saying that Nepal Communist party has to implement Mao's thought in Nepal on its own originality.

Biplav Remembered Mao who was born in a common farmer's family. Biplav said, 'Mao fiercely slipped the Japanese imperialism, the one who proclaims that revolution can't be completed in Nepal, we will complete it with the help of millions of people.'

After Biplav was fixed to address the program, thousands of people, party cadres and well-wishers were present. Biplav claimed that the process of revolution is going forward and he appealed to youth, students, farmers, workers, and women to take their responsibilities for the revolution.