KATHMANDU,  Nepal Communist party has threatened to take severe action upon the individual, institutions, commercial brokers, land-mafia, and commission-hunters who have been selling the captured and nationalized land in collaboration with the landlords, and displacing the landless farmers and forcing the people to the uncertainties and financial crisis. Dharmendra Bastola, the standing committee member of CPN and West Command In-charge, has informed so. As it has been stated there, it the brokers are known being active in the process of selling the land working with the landlords, the lands which were snatched from them in the districts like Kailali, Kanchanpur, Bardiya, Banke, Chitawan, Kathmandu etc while at this process. Some individuals have been found to be involved in the activities like displacing the farmers in different places, destroying their cottages, torturing the families, threatening of raping, stealing and looting them. The landlords whose lands have been captured have been secretly selling the land and continuing the former reactionary power, they are creating violence in their land, are in clash with the people there. The brokers, some of the people related with former CPN (Maoist-center) and trades-people. In some of the places, they are spreading the scandals taking the name of our party's cadres too. It has been stated in the statement of leader-Bastola: any of the individuals, institutions, professional broker and land-mafia and commission-hunters, who have been involved in the activities of selling the captured and nationalized land working together with the landlords, displacing the land-less people, pushing the buyers of the land into the uncertainty and financial crisis, will have been taken fierce action. It has been stated there in the statement, the party has captured and controlled over the land of landlords in different parts of the country, which has been offered to the landless farmers to use, which is known to all. It has also been found that such land is going to be sold by some of the land-mafia, brokers, and commission-hunters and displacing the farmers and landless people. The process of snatching the land of the landlords and distributing it to the actual farmers or landless and poor peasants at the time of People's war and it is also being continued now. Along with the so-called peace-process, Prachand and his followers, who had been degraded into the parliament politics, deceived the farmers on the one hand and announced the process of returning back the land captured by the party. This couldn't be accepted by any of the suppressed people and Nepal Communist Party, leading them. Until and less there is revolutionary land-reform, until all the landless people of the country are entitled with the land, until and unless all the citizen of the country have the ownership over the land, unless there is scientific system of industrializing the agricultural production, unless there is concrete policy converting the past landlords into the capitalists, unless the process of industrialization is forwarded, Nepal Communist Party has the policy of  taking all the land under the control of land-less farmer, and poor people and this movement will be forwarded as the class-struggle too. Clarifying the policy of the party on the land, the statement further mentions, and the party likes to clarify it that the process of capturing the land of landlords and distributing them to the landless and poor farmers is not just to change its masters. It is rather to end the reactionary system of to bankrupt all the country and people centralizing the sweat and toil to  each and every hard-working people into the control of few of the feudal, landlords and broker capitalist and monopolists, the process of ensuring the property of each and every person, and privatizing the public property. Therefore, this process of snatching the land from the landlords and distributing it to the people is the process of the nationalization of the land until and unless there is revolutionary land-reform and these demands have been fulfilled. This process is the scientific process of the economic, political and social development but not only a movement and class-struggle.