It’s joyful day today to the farmers, workers, the Patriots and the Nationalists as well. In this occasion of the great leader Lenin’s 100th anniversary, I want to share my happiness with all the people of Nepal and the world as well. Lenin had been exiled from Russia when he spoke on behalf of the workers against the Czar at the time. Czar hadn’t also given the vote of right for the women. One vote of a capitalist or feudalist was taken as equal to the votes of dozens of Russian workers in the time of Czar. Their thinking was that the nation was built by the elites and emperor. At that time none could believe that the workers and the farmers also would rise. But the new history of Russia was made by the people’s power. Thus it’s established that the people are the makers of history.

In the context of Nepal, most of the leaders and intellectuals of the country say that the nation is in the crisis. But there is no uniformity in their saying, for the safeguard of the nation from that crisis. Now, we have to come to the point of decision making. I have just returned from Thawang. The police of the village post showed their difficulties. ‘How is the situation of NGO office? They were staying in a house for rent, where there was no good water supply, the cold was dropping out from the bare tin roof, there’s no cleansing’. This is the relation between the comprador rulers and citizens. the foreign Gundas cheat, tease Nepalese people every day and they kidnap, loot them in the southern border. this condition of the nation raises the question whether there is the government or not. So the people are very sad. We want to raise the morality of our citizens but a group of rulers is shouting for election with a mood to loot more the country. Therefore we appeal the citizens to upright with great courage and zeal to come to the streets to protest against this injustice. We want to say If we become weak, upset and despair then the comprador rulers become happy.

If we say so, they accuse us of threatening through war. We don’t want war but want to take out the country from the crisis. Do we not have right to think about our nation? As we see Czar’s army had protected the Russia from misruling of the Czar. The army of USSR under the leadership of Lenin had saved the world people from the invasion of Hitler. Chinese army preserved China from the Japenese invasion. Now the time has come to the ground of Nepalese army. He has to think over this severe condition of the country. We have chosen sacrifice better than to live in the slavery of the foreigners. The country is in danger by the comprador rulers but not by us and patriots. The truth would be open to the people so they want to control our activities. They know and hear about us through Gorkhapatra, Radio Nepal, and Nepal Television. But they are their own pocket Medias.

Prachanda's ragged after coming in Kathmandu and entering in five-star hotels. We have not ruined Prachanda. He himself fell into the pitch of false democracy. The Salvation of people is not possible through this comprador rule. There is no solution of it inside the capitalism but the explosion. If America comes across the seven ocean and tries to spread fear of war over Asian countries then has the North Korea no right of self-defense? Capitalism can’t provide us peace. Capitalism means war. That’s why today Europe needs socialism. Trump has given the slogan to make America the first in the world. What is the reason behind that America should be always first and other should be always second? Why others oughtn’t to get to compete? Even the intellectuals of America have said that the thought of Trump to become first is a Hitlery Trend.

When the chief secretary, the head of the bureaucracy of Nepal went away to get the job of the foreign institution the government was unknown and knew no control. The government couldn’t be sentenced to jail the corrupted NCell revenue eaters instead he tried to conceal it .Three IGP officers are caught in corruption but their main planning leader is not identified yet. The accused of Duffer kand (duffer event) Krishna Situala hasn’t got penalty yet. Police only were not guilty. NC leaders are singing songs of democracy for a long time but no trust on democracy themselves. CPN-UML has got the opportunities to handle the government time and again but got in squatting position without power. When there it comes to the issue of building the Nation then it has abounded from all four sides. The Maoist center has become sexless being. It follows where others call to go. Some Magicians has proclaimed the alliance of leftist but it is the connection of ‘money-name’. Prachanda and KP Oli are claiming to give birth of socialism but in their womb, there is only the embryo of Delhi and Washington. It is the embryo of comprador capitalism. The same thing will be born after their effort. It has been necessary there to be united the revolutionary and patriotic forces in the country. The wealth of corruption should be seized and nationalized. The powerhouse and sub-station of upper Karnali should be built with national resources of our own country. The use of its production should be for the sake of Nepalese people and they should get the share with their own desire. Otherwise certainly there will be a raise of revolt. We are against the interference of foreign powers into our domestic affairs and want to merge our ideas about it. It’s a shame for us when the PM  begs pardon for a single word is up and down. In this country, there should be a unity between the revolutionary and patriotic forces. The wealth of corruption should be seized and nationalized. The powerhouse and sub-station of upper Karnali should be kept in Nepal. The user of its production should be Nepalese people and they should get the share with their own desire. Otherwise certainly there will raise a revolt. We are not acceptable if it is not given to utter a word when the foreigner steps in our head. When even a single word is up and down the other country beg pardon.


KP Oli has a sign on Mahakali treaty. He had proclaimed of billions of rupees from Mahakali. What it comes billions of rupees or asset? That was the climax of brokering for Delhi. PM Sher Bahadur Deuba has signed the Indian project ‘joining the River’ indirectly. Like the history of Sikander the Great, there is no future of compradors and traitors in Nepal. If there is the necessity of guns to save the Nation, we are ready to hold it. This election can’t bring peace and prosperity but increases the number of compradors, more corruption from the bottom. BP Koirala after 2017 BS has said, ‘Once a time I felt alone but I had firm belief in Democracy’. As such we believe in revolution. Nepal has now in the door of October revolution. Revolution is not the subject of carrying the burden of rebel only but we will lead the freedom and liberty.