Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) has recently completed its 4-month long party ‘organization strengthening and extension campaign’ to teach and train people and party cadres about party’s political line –Unified People’s Revolution –across the country. The party Standing Committee concluded that the campaign was historically succeeded.

During the campaign, the party leaders have held the interactions with thousands of people via mass meetings to door to door meetings in the villages and cities. The leaders have distributed party membership and, cadres painted revolutionary slogans.

The party has filed the altogether 28 teams, about 1000 committees of Cell and sister wings in the four commands –Eastern, Central, Mid-Western and Western.

The party has the campaign to update with the people’s actual situation.
The people have expressed dissatisfaction to the heavy taxation of Oli government. The people also have expressed their anger spreading various issues like rape cases, murder, corruption, smuggling, fuel price hike. They also expressed dissatisfaction with the parliamentary system saying the system is failed to address common people’s will. Some people have expressed the dilemma to complete another revolution arguing the glorious history of People’s War was limited just to fulfill interest of a few leaders including .

The party has concluded that the ideas and feelings of people are still for the revolution to change new Nepal and, Unified People’s Revolution is alternate to fight against , comprador corporate and fascist socialism. The people are looking for a new alternative force to change the tragic situation of the Martyr’s family and crippled cadres. Similarly, the party also concluded that the campaign is succeeded to boost up the relationship between the people and the party, leaders cadres.