The world situation is advancing amid tumultuous events. Inter-imperialist contradictions are ever intensified in this period. Imperialist powers are loggerheads to acquire global control and accumulation. People of the world are suffering from conflict, dearth, and endemic. Imperialist havoc created torture, restlessness, and instability against humanity causing joblessness, displacement, and immigration at the global level. Tensions are growing up in those countries where temporary peace was restored after World War second. So-called joyous velvet revolutions, the counter-revolution in the former Socialist States have turned into a nightmare for both, the masses of people and the booty collectors. Global warming, nuclear pollution, and environmental catastrophe have been mounting higher every decade. The monopoly capitalist, who put Trump as the leadership of the corporate capitalist was the actual manifestation of the economic base and political superstructure of the post-imperialist world order. The rise of unscientific leaders in power has been proved to be a rising of monopoly capitalist and a vampire against humanity. In this situation, even diehard opponents of Socialism have succumbed themselves to Socialist programs merely even to save their interests. The monopoly capitalist, despite finding the murky exit of every economic crisis, is not able to sustain the old system. Masses of the people are not able to live in this post- imperialist superstructure. In sum, the post-imperialist world order versus workers and oppressed broad masses of people in the world are accentuated to exposition. The workers and oppressed masses of people in the world are demanding a drastic change, the Socialist Revolution at the global level.

American imperialism has been acting as charlatan police, imposing its rule and regulations not in the interest of humanity but in the interest of the monopolist aggressors at the global level. The US has been warning blockade, war, and destruction the world over. Cuba and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, DPRK, which is standing on a theoretically Socialist mode of production, has constantly been put under pressure where the governments are deprived of applying Socialism and serving the masses of people. Amid these events in recent days, Russia has threatened the USA with the danger of nuclear war. The USA has been threatening Iran a blitzkrieg military blow. China and the USA are in a trade war. Venezuela and other South American countries are in war footage due to US constant bullying. Tensions are growing everyday between China and India. More than two dozen Indian soldiers were put to death in a cockfight at the Gulman area. India has been encroaching land from neighboring countries especially from Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Israel has been blatantly encroaching on Palestine, bullying neighboring countries, and working as a military outpost of the USA in the strategic point of the Middle East. The war waged by the PKK in North Kurdistan, by the Taliban in Afghanistan, the national minorities in Britain, Russia, Indonesia, and other countries are smoldering but without a proper solution.

Amid the growing situation, the resistance movement has been developing at a global level. In Asia, the revolutionary war has been going on in India and the Philippines under the leadership of the Marxist- Leninist-Maoist parties. Military resistance has been developing in Bangladesh. In Nepal a new wave of revolution rising under the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal and the strategic line of "Unified Peoples Revolution". In America, the Revolutionary Communist Party USA has been thoroughly exposing the imperialist crimes caused by the US regime and has been calling for masses to stand up for the Socialist Revolution. In South America, Peru Communist Party PCP is advancing amid tremendous difficulties. Chairman Gonzalo is imprisoned for 28 years now since 1992. Despite political debate and line struggle in the Party, Maoist revolutionaries have been developing war of resistance to establish a New Democratic Society in Peru and aiming to advance into Socialism. Colombia's Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias Colombianas (FARC), the (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) returned to armed resistance and appealed to the masses of people to fight as long as emancipation is achieved. In European countries, revolutionary movements are growing up at different levels.

Imperialism today is not at the same level as it were a hundred years ago. Free market capitalism was superseded by industrial capitalism. Further, that was also left behind by financial capitalism. Globalization, liberalization, and privatization caused an extreme gap between a handful of tycoons and broad ranks of the masses of people. As a handful of billionaires of the world are hinged through the corporate capital, as a consequent effect of that, the global workers are also centralized in a concentrated workshop. The level of development with the specific characteristic of monopolistic, globalized, corporate capitalism today, is termed "post-imperialism" in the analysis and resolution of the Communist Party of Nepal.

The monopolists' bankruptcy humanitarian norms and values have been manifested even dealing with Covid 19. So-called leading countries like the USA and its best allies have shown ugly features against humanity by putting profit in command instead of profit for people. The US and its best allies have not only neglected the prevention measures for the ordinary masses in their own countries and ignored humanitarian norms and values but also imposed sanctions over some countries on the face of the pandemic. This tendency has unveiled the imperialist's real parasitic character to maneuver pandemic for their profit.

In this global political, economic, and social condition, the masses of people the world over have been demanding a drastic change to be brought in the existing monopoly corporate capitalist-imperialist system, the Communists in the world are striving to address this historical desire by establishing Socialism and Communism in their own respected countries. Whether the people come from developed countries or underdeveloped, the broad masses have been suffering from common problems, the war, famine, epidemic, unemployment migration, and immigration. Nevertheless, since life and culture could be different according to the level of the development of one's country, the revolutionaries have a common goal, establishing Scientific Socialism and advancing to Communism. However, the level of contradictions could be different from one country to another, the solution is one: that is to overthrow the capitalist led post-imperialist system and establish people's political power.

The world is ushering towards a new wave of revolution. The first wave of revolution was raised in the west, which established the Paris Commune and the great October Revolution in Russia. As Chairman Mao Tsetung pointed out 'west wind of revolution prevailed in the east' that actually brought the first wave to the end culminating in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution GPCR. In the course of the ebb and flow of revolution, the revolutionaries have experienced a long period of the ebb. Now, new webs are returning to flow. A shining beacon of a new wave of revolution seems at the near horizon.

In this respect, what is required to the revolutionaries is to get united at the global level. As the capitalist is hinged with tight or loose connections, the communists also need to get united on different levels. If we believe in Scientific Socialism and that Communism is not possible through parliamentary reforms if we believe that the ideological and political clarity that only the Communist theory and practice leads to revolution if we believe in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism that is the philosophy to guide to action if we believe that the bourgeoisie state based on violent means of bourgeoisie dictatorship could be overthrown by the masses of people only through a revolution if we believe that Socialism and Communism are thousands and million times better than capitalism to unleash the human ability to make a scientific exploration in time-space, we can have a basic unity for the new world order and broad unity against the capitalist and imperialist forces. Thus, not only can we have a broad unity among the revolutionaries but also, we have a great opportunity to win a revolution.

Of course, we may have a different level of understanding and approaches to many burning questions in the international Communist Movement on how to establish scientific Socialism and what will be the character of the Socialist state. What will be the character of the Socialist economy? What will be the character of Socialist State as a transition to Communism and what should be understood and behave while exercising the dictatorship of the proletariat? In what ways will our Socialism resemble the erstwhile Socialist System of Russia and China and where will it stand different? How will the broad masses of people be able to prevent counter-revolution and push the bourgeoisie away from seizing the people's political power? What will be the character of internationalism and how will be the dialectical relation between Communist Internationalism and national emancipation? There are debating questions on which we communist always need to keep on wrangling. Just as there is no limit and no end of scientific research in whole space and time, in the same way, if we borrow the Hegelian methodology of dialectics, there is no limit and end of this "thesis, antithesis and synthesis". Demanding an end to end understanding of how the Socialist and further the Communist Society will be beyond our basic understanding is equivalent to vasectomies our creative investigation on a dynamic exploration of scientific Socialism and Communism. Not a single true Marxist-Leninist-Maoist could stick on and parrot to one mantra in a mechanical way. Dialectical Materialism is not a dogma, but a guide to action, and further action. While we are grappling with real problems in one country and the world that necessarily leads us to make attempts to synthesizing our understanding. Either it is Gonzalo Thought of New Synthesis or other such approaches all they have to be put into scientific scrutiny. A genuine Communist has a common sense to judge correct or otherwise inline questions, still, while new approaches are put forward aiming at to develop on Marxism–Leninism-Maoism they have to be apprehended positively with no prejudices. Wrong approaches will be discarded in the same way as the so-called Prachanda Path was scrapped out into rubbish.

The objective reality of the present world is demanding a new International Organization of the Communist revolutionaries. Many reasons have caused previous initiatives to form International stumble. The chief reasons are the betrayal of the main leadership of the erstwhile Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), and, the debate on line questions about how should be understood Marxism–Leninism-Maoism and Socialism. Secondarily, the detention of leadership in Peru and the right opportunist line ROL prevailing dominant caused a great deal of harm. There has been a lack of theoretical clarity and practical flexibility in taking the initiative to unite the revolutionaries by the ICML too. Lessons have to be taken from the virtual defunct of the RIM.

The revolutionaries today must overcome all these difficulties collectively, standing on a common forum, an international of the communist revolutionaries of the world, and be prepared to fight the crisis of imperialism and establish Socialism.