Comrade General Secretary, as we know from several debates in the International Communist Movement, and from the Documents of the Communist Party of Nepal you had adopted in the historic 8th Congress of the Party, the perspective of Unified People's Revolution is a new method and approach for the Nepalese Scientific Socialist Revolution in Nepal and, perhaps, it has a theoretical implication of world proletarian revolution. Would you explain this line how will it be implemented and unify the people of Nepal for Scientific Socialism and how exactly the people should understand it?

Thanks a lot for the important question. As you have mentioned very correctly our historical 8th Congress had synthesized Unified People's Revolution, which is mainly related to the Nepalese revolution, and to some certain degree, it is also related to the International Communist Movement. While we were adopting this line, the method and approach for the Nepalese revolution, we were keeping in mind two aspects – national and international. In the national aspect, we see the developments taking place in the Nepalese society: the comprador capitalist state, the emergence of a new working class, the new social relations, the use of science and technology, and the position of Nepalese geopolitical situation. Based on these reasons, we arrived at the conclusion that only the Russian model of revolution - insurrection and the Chinese model of revolution - the protected people's war, cannot be sufficient in the present context of the Nepalese revolution. Or, if we are to make revolution, it is urgently necessary at first, to clear our understanding and prudently develop the Nepali way of revolution. In this context, having summed up the model of insurrection and protracted People's War, we are firmly confident that Unified People's Revolution is the very scientific summation and objectively corresponding to the Nepalese reality.

In the same way in the international arena, given to the objective conditions as the fall of the Socialist State in erstwhile Soviet Union USSR or defeat of Socialism - though temporarily, the development of capitalism-imperialism to post-imperialist character, the revolution in science and technology, the neoliberal economic crisis of the capitalism, multi-polar polarization of the world and the demand of Scientific Socialism by the overwhelming masses of people in the world, we see that revolution is possible in the world level. This is possible not only under the banner of People's Insurrection or Protracted People's War but also under the banner of Revolution. The sum of these altogether led us to take the way of Unified People's Revolution. Concretely, what we can say is that the Unified People's Revolution will solve contradictions between the comprador capitalist state and oppressed Nepalese people, and thus, the comprador capitalist system will be replaced by Scientific Socialist System.

Again, we see that the Unified People's Revolution will unify the Nepalese people, it will unify the peasant, workers (we include that the educated new workers for which we can say development and expansion of Mao's intellectual workers), progressive democrats, patriots, and friendly forces. It will side by side, lead the urban and rural areas, oppressed class, communities, regions, and genders and unify them. It will unify the mass struggle (that is the struggle of the ordinary masses of people for their current issues) and the armed struggle waged by the Party at its needs. It will unify the people's movement and science and technology. In this way, the Unified People's Revolution will be concretely implemented in Nepalese politics.

And, since the Nepalese revolution is an inseparable component of the World Proletarian Revolution of the International Communist Movement, our understanding, our practice and methods, and our way of thinking will certainly have international importance. But they will be revealed on correct implementation in the Nepalese revolution and constant effort to further summation and further development of Marxism–Leninism-Maoism.


Thus, we believe that the people of Nepal, the people of the world, our Communist friends, our friendly friends as progressive democrats, patriots, and all those who are concerned with the complete transformation of the world through the Communist Revolution will exactly understand how we explain the approach and method of Unified People's Revolution.

Comrade, the KP Oli government has dissolved parliament, apparently due to failure of handling internal political conflict within the Nepal Communist Party NCP and amid the political crisis reeling in the country for some time. This government was formed based on the comfortable majority of the NCP, which was made of erstwhile Maoist Centre and UML, and later, it even obtained a two-thirds majority. Even then, the parliament has been dissolved, the NCP has arrived at the verge of a split, and the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is flouted by the ruling party. Why are these developments taking place? Is the parliamentary system completely failed in Nepal? Is it possible to bring the system on track by organizing elections as the government appeals? Or, will the people take the street to overthrow this system, as you say, for Revolution?

The question you have raised is correct. As Prime Minister KP Oli dissolved the parliament, it is connected with two or three reasons. First of all, the Nepalese people wanted complete emancipation from the domination of feudalism and comprador capitalism. That desire of the people was left halfway and incomplete due to the establishment of the comprador capitalist parliamentary system. KP Oli and Prachanda had proclaimed that if the majority of the seats in the parliament were obtained, those dreams of the people would be realized. Amid doubts and hope, the people have voted majority to their party. But these parliamentarian leaders have given more attention to their interest rather than to fulfil the desire of the people. On one side there are forward going people's desires, on the other side there are backwards going parliamentary tendency, on the other side, there are narrow, vested interest vested interests KP and Prachanda for their benefit, and on the other side, there is a lot of manoeuvring of the foreign powers centres in Nepal that caused this situation in Nepal.

I would like to remind you that the parliamentary system in Nepal is under practice for three decades. Many times in history, such types of incidents taking place. In 1995 there was a majority government of the Nepali Congress, the government could not lead to the full term and parliament was dissolved. Later, the erstwhile UML made government, but that was also compelled to go through the dissolution of the parliament. Such an unstable situation remained in Nepal for many other occasions.

This shows that the parliamentary system is complete a failure in Nepal. Arriving at this dissolution by KP Oli, it becomes crystal clear that this is not merely related to KP Oli or his personal approach or his government, this is the failure and crisis of the parliamentary system. This proves that another election or change of another government is not a proper solution, of course, it could be a solution only for the parliamentarian retinoid, it cannot be a proper solution to address the real problem of the country, and the real solution is to completely change of the parliamentary system. For which, we had advocated while were together with Prachanda while we were in the process of organizing the election of the constituent assembly, and later, the parliamentarian parties were vigorously engaged in process of making the constitution and reinforcement of the capitalist constitution.

The reorganization of our party and the campaign of the Unified People's Revolution is precisely related to this struggle. But, to provide an objective solution to the present unrest, perplexity, and crisis, our party has reached the conclusion that there should be a transitional government to bridge the present unrest to future Scientific Socialism. Thus, we have put forward the proposal for a 'coalition government' of the communists, progressive-democrats, and patriots. Based on this program, we have been working with all the parties and organizations to fulfil this goal.

We hope that this will lead to give an exit from the vicious circle of parliamentarians and give a proper solution to Nepal. It will give peace, stability, progress, prosperity, and independence. It will pave the way for the revolution. We believe that Nepalese people will actively participate in this revolution to fulfil their desire for peace, progress, prosperity, stability, and independence.

We all have seen that capitalist governments have gone with the motto of 'profit-first' against humanity, while in those countries where the Socialist mode of production existed put 'humanism first' against profit in the outburst of the Corona Pandemic. Again Corona Pandemic has not only wrecked the global economic system together with the poor countries like ours - Nepal, but also a debate has erupted for 'paradigm change'. How do you analyze the current global situation aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic?

I believe that this question is also very important. First of all, capitalism was not in the interest of humanity since the very inception of its development despite limited progressive character. For which Marx has beautifully portrayed in Communist Manifesto. Yet, the failure of socialism in the socialist society gave space to capitalism once again to rise in the world. But, the corona pandemic has completely unmasked and real face of capitalism. The acute example and necked expression are seen among the capitalist-imperialist ruling coteries in the USA, EU countries, Brazil, and India where inhumanity vanished, sensitivity collapsed, uncultured behaviour prevailed against ordinary masses of people. You see, the people have heard from the International Medias that American President Trump even abrogated the $900 billion package sanctioned by the American Congress to provide relief for the Covid-19 hit people. This is a peculiar example of how the capitalist-imperialists have to discard humanity in the face of profit. 'Profit First' superseded sensitivity and humanitarian culture. It will not be that much exaggerated to admit that the capitalist began to count profit on the death of ordinary masses of people. They had a motto, and expressions: let not the profit decrease no matter what happens to people's life. Against this, as you said, at least, in those countries where there was a socialist base, people hadn't had these problems.

These facts reveal no matter how much the capitalist-imperialists keep on trying to show that capitalism is successful, it had been being proved again and again in history, but at the face of Covid-19, it has completely been wrecked in itself internally. For the world people, for the human being, what has been very compulsion today is that this capitalist system has to be overthrown as soon as possible and advance to establish a new system, that is Scientific Socialism.

Again, no people are satisfied with capitalism, people are upraising step by step. In this context, the new wave of the Socialist Revolution is shining on the horizon. People of Asia, Africa, Latin America have been restlessly fighting against the capitalist-imperialist system and demanding a Scientific Society where actual peace, progress, and prosperity will be realized. We believe that Revolutionary Communist Parties in these countries and continents and preparation to seize the opportunity for revolution, and, what we understand that the European and American people and their leading Revolutionary Communist Parties mainly must be in preparation to pick up this situation and lead to Socialist Revolution and Communism.

Nepal seems to be the epicentre for the global power players in the perspective of the currently developed new geopolitical equation. The geopolitical situation, as usually defined, has contributed to this political attraction, and Millennium Challenge Compact MCC and QUAD are centralized in and around Nepal. How do you analyze the geopolitical interfere in Nepal from India, America, and other imperialist countries?

That’s true. Due to the reason of Nepalese Geopolitical situation, Nepal has fallen in the eyes of the imperialist countries, and especially it has fallen in the eyes of the capitalist-imperialist forces. For many reasons, Nepal has been an epicentre for global powers. Though small in size and back-warded in economic development, people are honest, peace-loving, laborious, and hunting for Scientific Socialism, thus, posing a tremendous threat against capitalist ideology, politics, and culture. Nepal has an abundance of natural resources, fresh air provided by the Himalayas, beautiful landscape, and a high level of political consciousness giving ample potentialities for the Socialist Revolution and contributing to Communism. On one side, there is the People's Republic of China on the northern border, on the other side, there is Indian imperialism in the southern. In this acute geopolitical situation of this landlocked country, the USA and the EU want to accelerate their activities against the Nepalese people. These imperialist countries, having stood on the top of the Nepalese Himalayas want to seize China and contain India. They want to stop the socialist revolution in Nepal as well as in India. For these reasons too, Nepal has fallen as an epicentre of the power players.

As you have said, in order to fulfil their own interest, the global capitalist powers are being centralized with wealth, money, technology, plan, conspiracy, diplomacy, army, and religion. MCC and QUAD are mere parts of those aspects. But, we believe that the Nepalese people are not ready to batter emancipation against any of these poisonous lollypops. We believe that none of the vested dreams of the imperialist will be materialized in Nepal.

Very often you and leaders of the Communist Party of Nepal accentuate the new types of Communist International to meet the needs for a new wave of the global proletarian revolution. You have also unleashed thought-provoking debate that Scientific Socialism and even Communism are possible in the world situation for capitalism has already laid the ground for such a society. But, in the International Communist Movement, you are facing challenges as Communist Parties are disunited, revolutionaries are split into countless fractions, revolutionary movements are not unified as you expect in the Unified People's Revolution, communist revolution is still passing in the ebbs and the Capitalism is always coming out with a lucid remedy, though temporary, in every economic recession and political crisis. How do you see the perspective of the global revolution by unifying the Internationalist Communist Movement?

Certainly, we desire a Communist International for new types of society for a new humanity. In our opinion, all the Communist Parties in all countries do desire the same thing as we do. The present world situation, the 21st Century, is crying out for new types of Communist International, to unify worldwide Communist Movement, because, you see, the world has become unified unprecedentedly. Thanks to the scientific revolution, especially the micro electric revolution in the 21st century, the people of the world are globally interconnected. After the death of Lenin, and mainly after the death of Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, some obstacles had been seen on the way of Communist International.

Despite attempts had been made by Communist Revolutionaries in the past such as the formation of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement RIM, ICML, and others, in our opinion, it is something to do hard work to make the 21st century Communist International success. We feel the necessity for new development and new synthesis on cardinal issues such as communist philosophy, politico-economic theory, and scientific socialism. Because you see, such kind of unity and development cannot be achieved only by standing over previous synthesis and summations which are left behind against the present development of the society.

As you have seriously risen above, world Communism is possible, if the Communist, the scientist, and intellectuals of the world pay proper attention, Communism, which Marx dreamed in Europe, seem possible on the global level.

Imagine, if the scientists desire to devote their life to the interest of the human being and new types of humanitarian society if their research and developments are contributed to human interest by breaking the chain of capitalist-imperialist plunder, how all people of the world would be united and become a mighty force for a further leap in scientific society and how weak the capitalist looters will be proved who is riding on the back of the oppressed people?

The other point, as you said, it seems that communists are disunited, the revolutionary movement split into many factions, the communist revolution passing through the ebb and the capitalist class is coming out of the lucid remedies, you see the situation is changing, everything is changing downside up. Everything is changing to flow. If we apply our approach, the Unified People's Revolution, these problems will be handled perfectly. We see that these are being applied in Nepal under the leadership of our party, the Communist Party of Nepal, and proved of their correctness.

Do you have any tips to offer peculiar to the people of Nepal and the world in relation to the Scientific Socialist Revolution?

We have discussed very important issues. We feel very happy. The communist has a responsibility to provide a solution to the problems of the world. It is not the question of far-fetching theory, but it should far-reaching practical subject for the revolution. For this, we need a high level of discussion, unity, and synthesis. For this, we feel that the communist come forward openly and broadly. All the friends of the Communist should also play a positive role in this campaign. Only Communism is the superior civilization of human beings!